So I’ve actually requested this before recently, but I wasn’t very clear and so I let the post close : )

Graphic Type: Book cover, simple

Title: Seven Deadly Sons

Author: Sophie Slape

Genre(s): Dark Fantasy, Paranormal

Colours: Silver/gold and black should be the main themes

don’t be limited to any of this lol

  1. The main two characters are doppelgänger’s; brown hair, eyes and pale skin.

  2. Seven Deadly Sins included somehow?

  3. Seven princes crowns or silhouettes or something royallish but SEVEN

  4. Parallel worlds somehow? Half the story is set in England and the other in Afalon, the realm of the fae.

  5. Daggers, hearts, tarot, thorns and a cocker spaniel (lol) are also objects in the story. Also a floating city, and a city living in the floating ones shadow?

Cover Inspiration: note I like these for their style, so I don’t necessarily want a copy of the art on the cover :- ) that said, go for it if you think it works!
Cover One

Cover Two

Cover Three

Cover Four

Cover Five

Cover Six

Story Summary:
There are many millions of parallels. Worlds living and breathing at the same time - time doesn’t even exist, 18th century England is living and breathing alongside the present day.
While London is living in the past, Afalon is pushing toward it’s future. 7 sons, a rare and lucky amount, are Princes in line to the throne.

Melanie is in the 18th century, conning each village out of their wares in exchange to see but an inch into their future. Then, after conning another client, she’s dragged into Afalon - another world - to stand trial for someone else crimes.
Trial by fire. Trial till death.

Ameline has been busy pillaging and murdering her way through Afalon for months, making the fae pay for what they did to her family. Then, on a whim, she decides to go big or go home.
She kills one of the Seven Princes. The princes who embody the term; “Seven Deadly Sons”…

Now, another girl is brought from her homeworld, Earth, to stand trial for Ameline’s own crimes. Worse still… she recognizes her face so, so much.
It’s her own. A doppelgänger.

Payment: literally anything; follow, dedication, credit (obvs), I’ll read two chapters of your story and add a story to my reading list? Just mention if anything else x

Anything Else: have fun and make whatever you want to be honest. I’ll follow all of you for trying x

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I’ll just leave the one I made in the previous thread. I’ll probably make another one at some point.


Saving my spot. Will likely post this afternoon.

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I did really love the edging and font on this; I think it was the background and the cards I wasn’t all over :—-)

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Okay, I’ll take note of that for the future cover(s)!

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Coming in here to say…us cover artists unable to make our own covers :wink:

(I might try something.)

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Lol caught, I just can’t envision anything at all for my own book screams internally

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SAME XD Or you just get too picky with yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I might have a few ideas for you :wink:

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I like what you’ve done here - do you think the font could be less complicated though? And give the background a bit more texture or make the sword drip blood or something idk

I beg you :sob:

I’m definitely just too picky for my own good

So, I had something in mind, but then when I started to mess around with the idea of seven crowns, it turned into something completely different. I also used your cover to try out some new effects in PicMonkey :stuck_out_tongue:

Seven Deadly Sons legal c


This is my attempt. Let me know.

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I actually really like this !!! Gonna give it a couple days :stuck_out_tongue: but the simple vibes is working

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I like the metal text but roses aren’t realllllly a huge theme in the book, thank you so much for trying though!

Here are two other attempts:

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Hi Sophie,
This is my version. Check it out :wink:

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Oh ok yeh really big fan of the 3rd one!! Definitely more on track - i’m gonna give it a couple days to decide :slight_smile: if thats ok


I like the background and how the font curves over the sword - but not really thriving for the font, do you think it could be more like Cinzel or LHF Encore if possible? It should be like bold and intimidating rather than pretty.

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Sure ok :wink:
I have used Cinzel this time.