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Graphic Type: Cover

Title: Queen of Hell & Paradise, and Throne of Ebony & Stone

Author: Andrea Torres

Genre(s): Fantasy/ Romance/ Supernatural

Colours: I actually can’t decide whether or not I want something pink and fluffy, or dark and supernatural… My main character is into fashion and is a cheerleader, so I don’t know if I want a cover that demonstrates that, or a cover that shows the fantasy side of my story.

Idea(s): So my protagonist --Samantha-- is a cheerleader (as I mentioned above) that has to face the Fates in order to continue on her journey to finding someone she loves. And while she is in their domain she awakes on a giant steampunk clock, one that showcases various portions of her life. Something with a cheerleader or a steampunk clock on the cover would be cool!

Story Summary: *She has the makings and potential of a queen- one worthy enough to be crowned monarch of the third and darkest realm…

At first glance, a gloomy greek god and a high school cheerleader have nothing in common. One is only eighteen and the other is centuries old. One is immortal, the other is human. One thrives in the spotlight, the other prefers the comfort of their isolation. One prefers being the center of attention, and the other likes to admire from afar. They’re as different as night and day.

And yet, despite their differences, there is one thing that unites them both.


Payment: I am willing to read beneath five or six chapters of your book if I like your cover! And one chapter simply for being willing to help me. I understand how tiring and time-consuming cover-making is… :heart:


OMG I’ve been WAITInG for someone to have a “blank OF blank AND blank” title! might cry. will assist.

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Yay! Thank you :heart:

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Hi, I remember you! I’m going to give this a try as well :slight_smile:

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This is two covers, right? It’s a bit confusing since you have two titles.

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Yes, it’s two books! That’s why I placed them each in Italics but not ‘and’…

I gave it an attempt, though I’m not sure how well it fits what you would like. Let me know if you decide you would like to use them.

One's with a cheerleader

4 5

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Thank you! I’ll continue to wait for everyone else’s covers and decide then!

In the meantime, is there a book of yours I can read as payment for the time you’ve invested?

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If you wouldn’t mine I would like either “Vampire in a Wheelchair” or “Pirates of the Silver Sea”. Which everyone spikes your interest the most.

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Okeydokey! :heart:

I made one cover so far. I hope you like it. c8a7e3f9f39ee1eb6865753fc0d22069 (1)

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I like it! But I forgot to mention my protagonist is a blonde! :sob: I should have mentioned it!

Oh no haha, well if you like the vibe of the first cover, I can make one with blonde hair as well. let me know if you’d like me to add or minus anything.

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I would LOVE to try this

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Go for it, babe!

Is there a way to make the font fancier and bigger? And yes, I’d love a blonde instead, lol!

Can edit them in anyway :slight_smile:
Queen 1 Queen 2

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Ooh those are cool! I’ll make my decision once @SophieSlape and @illyna16 finish editing their covers! :heart:

Is there a book of yours you’ll like me to read? One to two chapters as a payment for taking your time?

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If you want to. Rivals of Love is my most popular. But you dont have to. I LOVE making graphics for people :slight_smile:

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Aw. You’re so sweet! I’ll do one chapter anyway!

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