Fantasy creatures are a pain

I’m doing a fantasy creature thing and I am terrible at it… I need it to be like a consistent thing but I have absolutely no idea what I’m even doing, any advice on this?

Also names, oh god the names I can’t anymore.

How many do you think is enough? Because usually I see an encyclopedia of them stashed away somewhere

What kind of fantasy creatures are you even trying to do? I’ve included three animals and three races in my fantasy WIP.

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dungeons, ruins, I’m not particularly looking for species because I have something very special planned for them but I am looking for your generic dungeon enemies

I’ve divided them up into categories and stuff

Dungeon ecology is something I love. What kind of dungeon we working with? You have a history for it, a location, or a theme?

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Oof, I’m not getting too much into that yet. I just need to lay out what I have and then work with it, but this one’s going to be set in the plains, it’s mostly underground and kinda applies to that I suppose. It used to be a sort of alright town, but then it collapsed and then creatures just infested it

I just made half of that up on the spot

Alright, a collapsed town probably has a lot of goods left behind so theres your classic goblins, rotten food could attract troglodytes who can stomach it, living underground is something insectoids or kobolds would do, and the plains are often inhabited by gnolls.

Collapsed town, underground, plenty of loot, and once had a touch of civilization. I would say a kobold warren would be awesome. Like dragons they covet the goods of mortals, gold and shinies. Unlike dragons they are amazing at digging out warrens.

When using kobolds combat is like fantasy Vietnam. You have murder holes, deadfall traps, oil slicks to light on fire, and plenty of guirella combat tactics. They often worship dragons and will carve iconography of them. They fight dirty, often deploying animals and pests. Like bee hives, badgers, giant weasels, or angry skunks.



I’m a huge fantasy nerd. I tried to avoid the more obscure choices and go with ones that would work easier.

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I’m more for creating my own things, I study other races and things and apply some and take out others to make my own

I have no idea why but I really don’t like importations

No I totally understand. I am trying to go all unique for my own story.

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I have a thing for creating species… but I don’t have a thing for monsters and stuff, wonder why

I’m also making like… 30 of them

I try to treat it like its similar. Everything has to make since.

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Mhm, however I can carefully design species, but I need like a whole lot of monsters


You’re making it quite difficult for yourself if you want to create so many of them without even knowing what kind of dungeon it is. What helps me is looking at pictures on pinterest and build lore around those. Of course I can’t show the images to my readers because copyright, but the lore is 100% mine, and it’s easier to create new things if you have some sort of base to work with.

I’ve put loads of original creatures in my world this way. There’re some good ol’ mythology ones as well, but I like original more.