Fantasy endings!!! - POLL

Everyone has a different opinion on endings, particularly when it comes to the first book in a series. I’m half way through my story but I’ve started writing the ending. Just curious, how do you like your books to end?.. PS. If you answer other would you mind specifying what you like? Thanks for the help

  • Plot twist!!
  • Betrayal
  • An OTP get together/break up
  • It just ends, think Harry Potter
  • Someone dies, gets kidnapped
  • Someone starts a war
  • Other
  • A happily ever after

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I know its a long one and I do apologize but this might help other writers as well. Please keep in mind this is for the first book in a Fantasy series. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Either the twist or betrayal is my favourite ending


I love a combo of betrayal and plot twist. :grin:


Most expect the ‘happly ever after’ ending but if the ending fits the book I’m happy. Any of these would work for setting up the next story, so do what you want.


Sooo I kind of need more info to make an educated vote, but it doesn’t really matter to me how the first book ends as far as cliffhanger (think Sookie Stackhoouse books) or neatly settled. I am a fan of cliff hangers or plot twists, but I think whatever happens has to be driven completely by where the characters take you.

I generally write points A H and Z - and then fill the rest of the alphabet as I go. I’m not sure that’s helpful.

Lord of the Rings is my fav trilogy and it kind of settles down between books. It gives the illusion of being able to take a breath.

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I think the first book in a series should end on a satisfying note, but one that still leaves you wanting more. Obviously you don’t want everything to be perfect; there has to be conflict that carries over onto the next book (e.g. the main couple splits up, we learn of a betrayal, plot twist, etc).

BUT if you don’t have the next book ready to go, you’ll piss your readers off with too big of a cliffhanger. Also, publishers want a book with “series potential” not one that is severely crippled without a sequel.

So personally, I get around this by having the plot twist / incident as the second to last chapter, and then one last chapter to wrap things up and propose the new plan or character arc.

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I prefer which ever ending fits the story being told. Each story is different, and will be different.

A plot twist using the betrayal of somebody very close, or family…

My personal favourite is a plot twist of any sort - could be betrayal, breakup, heartbreak, etc. To me, it makes me expect more in the sequel. You know? Keep me on my toes.

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I like a plot twist too

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Everyone dies.


Someone dies but no kidnappings of the usual sort.

And most of the characters introduced die by the end, the only survivor is the MC from the very first chapter.

Obviously I am talking about one story, but a general theme in all of my stories is almost always a bitter end.

I just love it when the protagonist loses even more than which they had in the beginning. It’s so fricking delicious.

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Aw are we besties in an alternate timeline?

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A bittersweet end, like a sacrifice but an overall victory. Or a new conflict arisen from a solved one.