Fantasy inspiration stuff

I make one of these threads every once in a long while, but then they get buried and close down from disuse.

So here’s this thread.


Admire the detailed lace design on the knuckles.

Breathe in the shininess of that metal.

Imagine the soft leather underneath to protect your skin from the pinching joints.

Now imagine a skeleton wearing them. With glowing eyes, which he narrows at you when you act like you’re going to take his gauntlets.

And somewhere in that scene is a jackalope eating applesauce and laughing at you.

Also, while we’re talking about hand stuff, I thought this was damn fascinating:

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I like this picture.


Also, I think I’ve mentioned this before, but the Hussars were pretty inspiring.


They were Polish knights that rode into battle with wings on their backs, which, apparently, made a scary noise in the wind.


A very tiny bear (a sri lankan bear). This inspires me to make bears the annoying urban street animals that get into garbage cans and are generally a nuisance, in some fantasy city. It feels like this should already exist in real life but it sadly doesn’t, as far as I know.


I tried but couldn’t find anything. I do seem to be missing a decent amount of my favorite fantasy art that I’ll have to find online. Perhaps something will come up then. So here’s a miraculous floating dragon until then.


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Anyway, here are things that inspired my books:

Flintlock axe.

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I am intrigued and confused and curious.

Ye olde sword is always an iconic part of fantasy and I think its important to remember they come in all shapes and sizes

The sexiest swords have curves


I like the swigglay one.

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Heres something to add to your sword collection

A guide to types of swords

I also highly suggest browsing the comments on that post. They’re delightful.

That’s a good post :slight_smile: I always like seeing the different types of weapons actually used in history, it’s a good reminder that you don’t always need to invent some crazy weapon for the hero to use. Sometimes history is crazy enough on it’s own


YES. It sure is.

On the line of swords. This.

My brother just showed me this guy who is pretty amazing:

I thought the arrow holding in this was very interesting.

Just another thing that I’d like to see more in fantasy:

I feel like you always see characters using swords as a primary weapon but if your hero is on a battlefield give them one of these instead

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From my understanding swords were more less used like pistols today. They were a back up weapon (with the exception of great big monsters like the zweihander)

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Well in many cases it was more that the sword was expensive, and most people just could not afford them. Most armies in Europe were draft armies and as such were provided with the barest of equipment (Knife tied to stick, woo a spear!). If the soldiers themselves wished to field anything more impressive they had to buy it. This is why we have much in the way of evidence to support the sheer number of different styles of Pole arms that would have mainly been used by the large portions of armies.

Weapons like swords were reserved for Men-at-Arms and Nobles, who could afford them.

For the topic, Some cool weapons:

Various Polearms

Various Axe head designs

The Oakeshott Sword types of the Middle Ages