Fantasy/Mature/Romance Beta Reader required.

Payments: Reading your own story, and providing feedback if you’re looking for it. Much preferred to have a fantasy story, or romance or sci-fi.

Title: Rayn
Genre: Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Romance, Mature
Description: Rayn is a sorceress who just wants a peaceful life but because of her great power is constantly sought after.
Warnings: sexual violence is in the story.




I’d like to try beta-ing this story for you. I just read the first chapter and I think it’s promising. I’m interested in the story and would like to read more.

But, what do expect me to do here? Do you have anything on mind that you’d like me to see?

As for payment, if you want, you can take a look at my recently-finished story, “Time For Love”. It’s mature rated with a sprinkling of swear words and mention of sexual violence. Considering your own story, I think this all right for you. But, if you’re not interested, we can rearrange the deal. :grinning:

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Hi, for me, I’d like you to see how the plot flows, if certain plot should be included or changed, if the story flows well. etc.

And yes, I’ll take a look at yours, tyvm.

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All right!

its really long

Hello, does a dark urban fantasy fit your requirements?

Title: Her Dark Sins
Sub genre: Paranormal/Supernatural/Action
If you like: BUFFY, MORTAL INSTRUMENTS, HEROES, The Darkest Minds, Danny Phantom, Diableros, Supernatural

An unknown phenomenon has forced people’s negativity to manifest into demonic creatures called Umbra Shades, that are spreading Apathy Syndrome to its victims. In a world under demonic control, seventeen-year old Hira Night yearns for a better tomorrow in a reality of violence and corruption. In hopes of protecting her family, friends, and her boyfriend, she is granted the power to purge the demons and hopefully find her true path in order to save humanity.

I’m an epic/high fantasy writer, I have a couple of works in progress, one being a barbarian conquest the other being a more adult high fantasy involving a range of characters in a magical realm.

Yep that fits

They work, I can read them

If you aren’t filled or anything, let me know if you want to beta read for one another.

Cool, I have a bit of time a bit later, will gladly give your story a read.

Can do, but gimme a couple days

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Hey which book do you want me to read btw?


Either one, your choice, whichever you like the look of :slight_smile:

I mean you have 5 stories, which of the 5 is the two that you mentioned?

I shouldn’t have 5…

Should only be 3, Thyr’en’syr: Siege of the Black Stones, Elfin Eros: Lyrycya’s Saga and Song, Sorrow & Salvation.

I’d like either Thyr’en’syr: Siege of the Black Stones (Mostly the later chapters, I already know the first two need some serious changes) or Elfin Eros: Lyrycya’s Saga as it has become my main story at the moment.

Ahh it’s just wattpad bugs, they say you have 5, but only 3 is shown


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Had me scratching my head there for a moment hahaha!