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Mysteries of the Astral: Investigation in Nottingham

Autistic Thurid Sevriens has trouble comprehending her grandmother’s aversion to her fascination with Avery Norcova, a deceased actor whose kindness and talent while alive made him loved by millions. After yet another fight with her grandmother, the his spirit has had enough.

Taking her under his wing in the astral plane, he takes her to medieval Nottingham, England where they were going to spend time together and avoid much contact with people. After the sheriff’s mother is murdered, they realise that the danger is approaching from all different sides.

As if the Astral danger is not enough, the waking world is not much better. There are more problems than just a non-supportive grandmother that hounds Thurid, such as magical powers she’s pretty sure she’s not supposed to have and the feeling her body is not the one she should have been born with.

Coincidence? She doesn’t think so.



Title: The goblet
Description:What would you do for a goblet that grants immortality? Have you ever wondered what would happen if everything you ever loved was taken away from you? What if it is all because of a Goblet, a Goblet with a promise of immortality? This is exactly what happens to Emily as she gets kidnapped together with her brother, David, and sister, Elizabeth.
Escaping, she and her sister find refuge in a rather strange home with rather charming hosts. Things don’t feel as they seem and Emily can feel that something is up, especially as she keeps hearing them mentioning a goblet, a goblet that seemed very important to them. She is forced to trust them as she doesn’t see any other option but is unwilling to buy all that she is told. Will she be able to find her true voice, and discovers what it is about the goblet, that made it so special? Can she learn to trust when everything around her can’t feel further from the truth or will she be dragged into something she isn’t ready for?

Currently have 29 chapters will be adding about 12 more. A new chapter is added every Monday and Tuesday

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Emily lost one of her bestfriends in a mysterious way when she was 10. Now she is 18 and almost done with highschool, but she has a hard time seeing her future because of her dying mother.

She never find out what really happened that night in the woods 8 years ago, but one day she discovers something that might change that.

Follow Emily on her journey to find out what really happened 8 years ago. The story is filled with magic, all kinds of arts, portals to other worlds and it all leads back to a really big wooden ship.

Title: The Attic
Genre: Low Fantasy / Mystery
Status: Completed

When Lily Kline takes possession of a Gothic estate with Ian Hawke, her co-heir and a stranger, she soon realizes there is more than meets the eye within the many corridors of the sequestered mansion.

Ian is aloof and even hostile at times, and though he warns about rabid wolves in the forest, as though trying to frighten her away, she can’t help being drawn to him.

As events grow more bizarre, she questions her safety and Ian’s identity.

Why did her late grandfather see fit to make them co-heirs? Furthermore, what lurks in the attic, that hidden room everyone takes pains for her to avoid?


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Title: The Forgotten
Genre: Fantasy/Mystery/Adventure
Status: In progress

Definition: Belgro [ Bell - grow ] : Town; three small villages came together at the end of the great war to rebuild and find governmental structure again; surrounded by mountains, forests, and a 400-foot tall electric wall.

Excerpt: “All we truly know, or think we know, is that a man murdered a woman on the 14th day of the 7th month. And for this, he was thrown over the wall.”


As a young girl, the stories Elodie’s father shared always seemed something of a fantasy. A world beyond the wall where water expanded for miles and beautiful metallic creatures, not even your mind could fathom, splashed around.

A world she believed to only exist in her father’s mind…

When Elodie crosses the line one too many times, she is forced into an unfamiliar world with strange people and questionable morals. She’s eventually met with a decision that could break her, or save the people she holds dear.

Sebastian vowed to his late mother to ensure the prophecy comes true, but when that involves a certain stubborn outsider - will he be able to stick to his promise, or will his sharp tongue get in the way?