Fantasy name poll


Female MC, tough mercenary, ruthless, romantic lead, setting is mixed with some Hindu, some Mediterranean influences.

  • Lukka
  • Ismar
  • Vanozza

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Man, not going to lie. That was a hard choice between Ismar and Vanozza. I like unique looking/ sounding names. I also understand that these names may be common in other parts of the world I am not as well versed in.


I prefer Ismar. I think it’s the most appropriate because it sounds a bit Arabic.

Lukka sounds like Luca/Luke, so I don’t think it’d fit a female character.

As for Vanozza, it sounds very Italian, though it does sound slight female (I associate it to Vanessa, but also to Venice, the city).


Vanozza was the name of the much reviled mother of the last Borgia pack


Honestly, I like Lukka because I’m a sucker for k in names.
All the choices are great and I don’t think you can go wrong with any of them. :smiley:


Thanks, everyone! Ismar she is, with Vanozza going to her romantic rival.

Now I just need to find an incredible Persian or Hindu name for the Tigress.


Vanozza sounds fancy. I like it


Interesting combination of cultures. However, the Mediterranean is Southern Europe, North Africa, and bits of West Asia. Persia (Iran) isn’t part of it. I think you’re talking about the Middle East then? It would have closer contact with Hinduism than the Mediterranean.


It does not follow the real world conventions, history or geography, and aggressively so. It is a work of pure fantasy.

I decided on Burandok for the Tigress, a fantasy derivative name.


Like the name :slight_smile:


Thank you :slight_smile:


Mediterranean and Hindu is a strange combinaton :thinking:


I’m definitely biased because Lukka reminds me of Lucca from the game Chrono Trigger, which I’m a big fan of. She’s rad.


Not so, really, if you want to go into the nitty gritty. Greco-Hindu civilizations did exist…

But it is NOT what I am going for.

I am just going for bright, very beautiful, incredibly romantic and vaguely familiar, not outlandish and culturally recognizable, rooted in a body of research.

Give me a break, I am penning elevated smut here.


That sounds counter-intuitive. What would you research if it can’t be recognized by someone?


It is pure and complete fantasy, that’s what I am trying to say. Not any real thing at all.


Great names. I like Ismar and Vanozza, but for her I’d go for Ismar.


Do you mean Alexander’s empire? As I said, very rarely. And even then, interaction between the two were minimal.
If I sounded rude that wasn’t my intention. Just pointing out something I know as a history enthusiast.


As I said, I do not want the real world markers & I want to avoid detailed worldbuilding. I just want pretty names. The verse is very different from how human history turned out. it is a short smutty love story, that’s all. I am just trying to write something someone might actually read :slight_smile: