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When her rude neighbor and school mate finds out that she has the power to make her desires come true with a snap of her fingers, Alice Merrill has no choice but to help him with his rude antics. She now has to do his bidding, and in return, he won’t tell anyone about her secret. If only she had been a little more careful, she wouldn’t have been involved in this… Or in grave danger.


“We are murderers, soldiers, mercenaries, we don’t know mercy, we don’t know pain or compassion, only the task counts!”
“I thought that something more is important to you. Apparently, I was wrong,” he looked at her indifferently and shrugged. However, she saw that the fire was burning in his eyes.
“Apparently, you made a mistake with someone I could have been, but it was taken away from me. Now I will take away everything from them. Because that’s what I am,” she whispered and drew out the blade."

Tens of years after the war there is no magic in the world. Wizards died, only stories told by fires remained after them. Now the Fortress exercises the greatest power, trains the best assassins in its trade. Hidden from the eyes of everyone, even the king, the Fortress creates law. By accident, Carniv is in the wrong place at the wrong time. With the help of a mysterious boy, she discovers something that changes everything she believes in. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of lies.

What will happen when she discovers the whole truth?



Children vanished in the fairy hills that lived throughout Scotland. Mothers had been bringing their sick children to the hills for as long as the Scottish people could remember. All the mothers wished for was a better life for their sick or deformed children. A better life living with the fairies.

Ariella Wood is a student working under the leadership of a historian and anthropologist. The stories of the fairy hills and fairy children are not something new for her. To her these stories are just stories, made up tales, myths passed down from generation to generation. To the people of Scotland, they are fact, real, they believe in the Fairy Hills.

Ariella finds herself in a predicament when she stumbles across a ceremony she should never have seen. She gets sucked into the world of the Changeling Fairies and discovers just how true the stories are. Under the protection and watchful eye of a Changeling named Rupert, Ariella slowly begins to discover the beauty of magic and finds herself stuck in a world that’s truly supposed to be the one she lives in. What is she supposed to do when her world is turned upside down once she finds out her whole life was a lie? Will she run into the open arms of Rupert or run from the identity that was stolen from her as a child?

Read Chapter One


After a grueling cold winter, it is finally a warm day in the Kingdom of Brownsia. The sun rises calmly in the sky while its golden warm rays start to creep over Brownsia’s dense forests, bright green meadows, magical schools, and crowded markets stocked with food, clothes, swords, handmade furniture, and much more. Men, women, and children begin to emerge from their homes joyously greeting one another; while horse driven carriages begin taking to the streets moving people about their daily lives.

        However today is not like any other day. There is a sense of happiness in the air as people of all ages start gathering to decorate proudly their kingdom. They are celebrating the two momentous events that will occur today. First, sons and daughters who have reached the youthful age of sixteen will go through the Brownsia Choosing Ceremony, that will determine if and what mystical gift they shall receive. Second, is the signing of the peace treaty between The Minotaur Kingdom of the Southern Forests, The Dragon Kingdom of the Eastern Desert, The Vampire Kingdom of the Northern Tundra, The Orcs Kingdom of the Western Swamps, and The Kingdom of Brownsia. Once signed, it will seek an end to a long and violent war and the end of many mothers and fathers torn hearts as they watched their sons and daughters march off to battle.



A Beauty and the Beast Retelling

Annually, a fair maiden is sacrificed to the Beast that lurks in his castle hidden in the woods. The maiden is chosen to be sent to him as his faithful bride. She is to be his in mind, body, and soul until she falls dead at his feet.

Ismae LaBelle steps forward as the Beast’s next victim. However, she has no desire to be his little obedient wife. Ismae only has knives up her sleeves and she is prepared to do whatever it takes to befall her husband.

Even if it means killing him.

Check it out here:


Check out my story on my profile! Here is a short summary:
When 20-something-year-old Lara Myrrh head becomes the vessel for the all-knowing, angelic, alive-since-the-dawn-of-time angel Nova, Lara questions her sanity. Nova, who supposedly wiped her mind and attempted to commit suicide after becoming sick of her never-ending existence, kind of failed her attempt. According to Lara’s dreams, her spirit survived, latched onto Lara, and is now haunting her.
When fractured memories of Nova’s memory start to creep through her dreams, she’s convinced she’s going crazy. When she gets weird, amazing, terrifying powers? She loses it.
After checking herself into a mental hospital, things start to slow down. The days become rigid, the pills make her sleepy, and every night she goes to bed anticipating her nightmares, only to wake up the next day to hallucinate weird occurrences and ‘powers’.
Consumed inside her own head, she is oblivious to the interest a new young doctor takes in her… until he confronts her about something odd he’s seen. Their relationship strains to stay professional as they try to figure this mystery out, growing closer with each day, until Lara is left wondering if admitting herself was a good idea - maybe she is sane - maybe this is real; but what if it’s not? And can this charming young doctor help her?



“Until my love is returned to me I swear on my life, the sun will sit in the skies for years on end, until the unbearing heat runs the rivers dry and the crops shrivel into nothing, and famine sets upon the humans. And only then, when they’re screaming for salvation, will I pull down the sun, never to return it, and you will all live in darkness for the rest of your days, such as she and I have been cursed to. This is my promise.”

There were three things that Adoria was sure of:

  1. She was a siren, but she wasn’t - or at least she didn’t feel like one. It was the guilt that came with killing human men that made her realize that, along with her strange fascination with the sun.

  2. At one point, she had a life before this one. One where she was happy, and carefree, and in love. She couldn’t remember it exactly, but her strange flashbacks spoke the truth, that she wasn’t always a monster.

  3. Something on the island of Delos was calling to her, and she was determined to find answers as to exactly why that was. Even if that meant going where no siren had gone before to do so. Land.


#grownupreads  #nosmut

Work in progress:




Ithena Avonstef is coming of age to seventeen, the bane of all her people’s nightmares. Every year, the nobles, aristocrats, and royals—angels—descend upon their vast kingdom of Atellyn to choose the most attractive young men and women to accompany them back to the palace for their own lust and entertainment.
Beautiful from birth, Ithena knows that she is bound to be chosen upon the threshold of her seventeenth year, but never had she imagined who would choose her: Crown Prince Stephen Luxev.
Now, with a dangerous quest to kill the prince and alter the reality of everything Atellyn has ever known, Ithena must complete her task—before her heart falls to the prince’s grasp.

I’d appreciate if you’d give it a look! :3
Icelynn Arcanis


This is chapter one of my new story, so excited! Hope you guys enjoy. :slight_smile:


Lord Benjamin Winters has ambitions to become the leader of the London Conclave of Magical Practitioners. He gets his wish, though not in the manner he had hoped, when the reclusive current leader, Avery Whitcomb, is found dead in his home. Though the body was surrounded by blood-painted glyphs and runes, the police have ruled the death accidental, a ritual gone wrong. Ben and his cousin Oliver are certain there is foul play afoot - that Avery’s death is connected to the latest rash of crimes committed using black magic. When Ben comes face to face with Avery’s grieving sister, he cannot resist the desolation in her pretty green eyes, and makes a promise to find the killer, no matter the cost.

Lady Charlotte Whitcomb has lived in solitude for much of her life. Her brother Avery told her it was best, for her healing gift is rare, and were it ever discovered, her life would never be the same. With her brother now dead by nefarious means, she is left unprotected and exposed to a world of magic, mystery, and murder. She is determined not only to survive, but to ensure that her brother’s killer is brought to justice, with or without the help of the overbearing and unaccountably attractive Lord Winters.


“What good is it then, to be a rose without thorns?”

Aurora is lost amongst a world so out of her control. She is a mere sketch in the background to a greater painting. Everything seems to stray further and further from sanity as she begins her life at court. Eyes seem to follow her everywhere, in a court where everyone is a liar. A particular pair of eyes traces her every move. Such eyes should have told her to run to ends of the Earth, where the land greets the sea. Though she soon finds that the most dangerous gaze is the only one she can feel safe under.

The first chapter (sample) is out now! :slight_smile:

Check it out on my profile! I would love some feedback!



“You’ll never leave me. You’ll always be mine no matter what, you got that?”

Skylar thinks nothing can go wrong after what has happened in the past. But the past is the past, right? Skylar has a new boyfriend and her friends and family are the best! But what happens when Jason finds a new way of his own to not only kidnap Skylar again, but to win her heart…! They may have experienced how their time together would be…but they have no idea how it will end.

*This story associates with self harm and anorexia




- Fantasy - Romance - Sexy - Strong Female - Playboy -


Shion, a spy working for Altheia’s Emperor, is suddenly given an order that will turn her life upside down.

Socially awkward, prideful and distrustful, she will have to get along with the womanizing "Useless Prince"… but is he really as useless as the rumors say?

While striving on her path as a strong warrior, will she finally open up to the falsely suave Highborn, the smooth but shy Elemental or the former one-sided crush Corebender?

A sexy love tale in an original fantasy world, where the 3 clans -Highborns, Corebenders and Elementals- struggle with prejudice since the Reunification.

A story for those who are looking for fantasy and romance with a heroine who is both strong & awkward, multiple handsome guys to fall in love with and shape-shifting beings!

:crossed_swords::muscle::woman::heavy_plus_sign::man::man::man:= :couple_with_heart_woman_man::question:


My wizarding World romance based around the Harry Potter books!
Avelyn Swan is a witch, Veela and is famously known for two things: Her parents being ex deatheaters and for having the Curse of the Wild. I hate spoiling the story line and knowing me i will literally give everything away if i give too much information, but to put it point blank Avelyn and Fred Weasley take on a very intimate friendship which only broadens throughout the Hogwarts years, but when The Dark Lord comes back, everything must change and events which have been planned since Avelyn was a baby will finally be brought to the surface to crush her and destroy everything she has built and worked for.

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