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tittle: aspie love stroy
its a story about 2 star strock aspies that start getting feelings for each other but there are a few problems chester starts collage and charley moves states charleys parents are gypsy and charley is deadly afriend of losing chester

The Curos.

You likely have no idea what that word means, nor what kind of people they are - that would be because they aren’t people.

The Curos are the messengers and workers of Cupid. In Cupid’s stead they roam the world with the aim of spreading love - with over 7 billion people in the world, there’s no way even a God can help with every single issue. Curos 27 is one of these messengers, and he goes about his days doing the little things - with a touch or a move - that change the course of love. This is all done from behind a veil that renders him invisible to our eye.

It all runs without incident until he meets an anomaly - a woman by the name of Naomi, who runs her own café in a quaint little town. He is startled by their first encounter, but his curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to stick around.

He slowly gets to know her better and learns the reasons behind her unique sight past the veil. He becomes determined to help her fight against it so that she can be like all other humans once more.

But with all the twists and turns that his decision brings, who ever said it was going to be easy?


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photo The Love Traingle cover_zpsmu8rwwgk.jpg

Story Link:

Amber Celest and her mother pave their way to a new beginning. Their world? It’s not what it seems… You see, there has been strange mysterious rumors spreading around about the dark forest that’s right behind her house. Rumors not to be reckoned with.

Hand in hand, romance and temptation sparks the heat in Amber’s heart. And it’s not just one, but two desirable guys. Will her mind decide to choose? Or will she have a hard time in this twisting journey?

Book 1 | Trailer Inside


photo The Dark Forest Cover_zpsj3a9bpwk.jpg

Story Link:

When Amber Celest finally runs through the dark forest, her whole world changes. She realizes there’s more to earth than meets the eye. But she has to be careful. Not everything she sees is real. And not everyone she knows is human.
Will she find out the truth and make it out alive? Or will she stay lost and never find her way out?

Time is ticking… It doesn’t wait for no one… And the forces against her are all prepared for what’s to come.

Book 2 | Trailer Inside

WATTYS 2018 Longlist

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Fantasy | Romance | Adventure

When Taly was only six years old, a horrific fire swept through her village, stealing away her home, her family, and every memory of her previous life. Fifteen years later, she finds herself living on Tempris, a derelict island on the fringes of the once-mighty fey empire. Living as a human among a race of powerful and immortal mages, Taly is treated as barely more than an animal. They even have a name for her kind: shardless.

Still, Taly considers herself lucky. Taken in by a prominent fey lord, she’s lived a comfortable life. But when an accidental brush with magic causes her to see things - ghostly apparitions that give her small glimpses into the future - she quickly finds herself in a very dangerous situation. The Sanctorum has returned to the island, executing anyone showing signs of time magic. If they find her, they’ll kill her… and anyone that tries to protect her.

Fearing discovery, Taly leaves home, abandoning her old life and everyone in it. It’s just too bad her best friend refuses to let her go… And despite the risk, Taly finds that she doesn’t really want him to.

Now Taly’s life is about to change again. An ancient evil is rising - with its eyes set on conquering Tempris. In the face of this new threat, will Taly be able to keep her secret? Or will she be forced to face her fears in order to save the people she cares about?

The Last Nymph

Maera was a nymph. Or was she? She claimed to be a genuine Nereid from antiquity. Right out of the pages of Greek mythology. Well, that’s what she told Doc Roussos who lived alone on the island. Kalamos was remote and sparsely populated. An exquisite pine-covered jewel that rose steep and majestic out of the turquoise and cobalt Mediterranean. Maera would visit Doc on those summer nights uninvited. Her tales were Mythological accounts capable of beguiling a charmed listener well into a world time before time . . . But did she offer him more than stories?

Read it here:


What happens when you experience something that brings into question all you know about the world in which you live? Something that eats away at the already-frayed notions many of us have about what is true and what is not true? About what is possible and what is impossible?

For Alice Caitlyn (Kate Johnson what was), the past year already had delivered a healthy dose of body blows. One would have thought a chance encounter with a handsome schoolmate from years gone by would have augured well for things to come.

But when was Fate ever so easy or so generous?

This is a story about the world in which we live and how we come to know it and to understand it. It’s a story about chance and circumstance, one that might even be a little funny. (But let’s not get too carried away on that note.)

Most important, it’s a story about friendship and love, those two states the absence of which make life and its vagaries scarce worth pondering.


Title: Crimson Qi

Summary: Magic may be dangerous, and the politics - ruthless, but Tien Lyn’s worst enemy is a song. The catchy verses transform her into a rebel leader’s lover in the popular imagination.

Instead of fanning the flames of the civil war by the firebrand’s side, Tien Lyn helps an unassuming healer. Together, they fight those who say that his healing is tainted by the demons. Fortunately, the two make powerful friends along the way, not just enemies, or so it seems.

But the song is not finished with our damsel yet. Tien Lyn has to learn the hard way what it takes to run away from her own legend and to survive during the accursed ‘interesting’ times.

Updated 3x a week, be there for the exciting conclusion!



Hi! :grin::blush: There is a book I’m currently writing. Some mafia love-hate kind of thing. I hope you can check it out in case you find some free time. Well if you do pleaseeeee tell me what you think.
It’s name is Static Hearts. :two_hearts:

She was born a queen, with indisputable power, great intelligence and unparalleled charm. Reina, the daughter of an Italian mafia mob, lost her childhood due to the treacherous acts of people who surrounded her. Now she is in pursuit of the only thing she can’t have… a normal life.
He watches her every move, following his prey like a predator would, wanting to dirty her pretty face with his bloodied hands.
Treating life as a chess game, able to understand people’s deepest thoughts, ruthless to her enemies, and kindest to her close ones… that is Reina Romano, the woman who makes someone’s heart tremble in fear while someone else’s throb in excitement. With so many men trying to control her will she succeed in gaining the so much wanted freedom?

#cunning #friendship #inner demons #intelligent #love-hate

So…this is my first book. I truly hope Reina’s story will captivate you as much as it does to me every time I think about it. A face void of any smiles, indifferent bewitching eyes, an unyielding heart which palpitates only at the sight of blood… this is a story full of static emotions entwining behind a stoic expression.


Answer to you first question: I hide myself in my room eating gluttonous chocolate chips and cry my eyes out watching sad movies. :sob::sob::sneezing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:
. :bagel::shaved_ice::sweat: And it happens a lot trust me
But I’m sure that’s not what Alice does right.

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Hey Everybody! I’m new here, so wattpad is currently not letting me post links :disappointed_relieved: but you can check out my book by clicking on my name!

Here’s the new story I’m working on:

<img src="

" width=300 />

Summary: The perfect peace treaty. The perfect alliance. A living freaking nightmare.

Ryder and Elise have been betrothed since birth, though neither one knows it. The prince and princess of the winter and fall faery kingdoms, respectively, grew up hating each other on instinct, as their kingdoms were at war. The day Elise receives her wings, which indicate a faery’s true match, she is mortified to discover it is Ryder. Neither of them wants to marry, but Elise discovers their botched betrothal at birth was the cause of the war.

Now that they are both of marriageable age and have been pronounced true mates, nothing stands the way of an end to the war and a powerful alliance for the reigning queens of the kingdoms, their mothers. To make things even worse, the queens spell Ryder to force him to fall for Elise, making her the only sane one who can fight their betrothal to the bitter end. This proves hard to do when an exceptionally attractive faery prince suddenly wants to wait on you and foot until you agree to marry him.

Elise has only two weeks before the arranged date of their marriage; she must break the spell on Ryder so he remembers how much he used to hate her before she forgets and falls for him too.

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My book currently in progress, hope you will give it a read.


{Mature content - Proceed with caution}

A twisted story about a girl who gets killed and becomes something new. Full of romances, drama and mystery…

~I wanted more from him; needed his touch. My hand slid up his collarbone, around up his neck, and into his hair. My fingers entwined in his hair as a slight moan escaped his lips. I could feel the fire he lit growing inside me and I was lost completely.~!

She was a nymph wasn’t she? :thinking: See i’m reading between lines here, something I’m not really good at.
I love your interpretation and the way you describe characters or events :smiley:just to let you know.

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God I love love triangles especially those where handsome boys are included.

You know, sometimes chocolate and whiskey is just what it takes to get through the day.

You should check Alice out. She has her own way for cutting through the chaos.

<img src"" width=300>

What if you fell in love with a myth? What if that myth fell in love with you? There was no denying it, Nerina Winters loved the sea and all the stories that went along with it: mermaids, Atlantis, Poseidon.

Little did she realize she was about to become a larger part of the sea than she ever thought possible. Only one question remained, was Nerina ready to take her place among the ancient myths?

Click here to read


Belynda is hunted by her dreams…or so she believes. A previous life and foretold legacy is reaching out to her. Now she is torn between that past and a present marked with lies and she will do whatever it takes to uncover the answers. What she least expects is to find her soulmate in this journey. Will she fight for the once forbidden love?

it is a story about wolves and there are 4 of them
2 of the wolves which are the youngest fall in luv and they accept each other
but as for the other 2 they have a difficult past and don’t want to except the fact… they are falling in luv

be sure to check it out


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The power of thunder and the fury of waves.

The gods are at war.

Their dispute, known as The Dios War, has scorched and broken the land. Each year, the village of Marr drowns a sacrifice to their deity in hopes of obtaining protection and blessings. It is now Nadine’s turn, but on the day of her death, Gardus, the sky god himself, saves her from drowning.

Nadine now lives up in the sky. Though Gardus doesn’t explain his motives, Nadine is too fascinated by his flashy courtship–or maybe it’s actually by the wild and cute wind god–to question it. However, when Water God Yirrel hears one of his sacrifices has escaped him, saved by the very deity he hates, the war on earth shifts to the sky. This time, it’s for the claim on Nadine’s life.

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