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I really want to travel and see how things are for real on other parts of the world… you hear all these things but I have no idea how they actually are


While I thought I wouldn’t travel again for a while, I might be whooshing off to Norway then onto Venice next year. But it’ll depend on a pair of friends I’ve got that want to go to the carnival and have a hotel deal through one of their jobs.

Not a fan of solo travel, but with friends anywhere is excellent o: (And I’ve wanted to go to Venice more than anywhere else so I really hope it all works out)


As long as you don’t think about how ridiculous it is for a bunch of teachers, politicians, and more or less functional adults to time and time again allow children to clear up their messes. As long as you squint your mind so it doesn’t focus on that bit, there’s almost nothing wrong with HP :stuck_out_tongue:

@Ickyrus It does seem that the further away a news story moves from the original location of the news event the more exaggerated it gets. You could probably make a mathematical formula displaying this tendency, if you do I want you to call it the “I’m always right”-formula :wink:

@Xenoclea What tyrannies mostly have are too many laws that people are forced to work around to be able to live under tyranny, I think that’s the way China’s been heading for decades :frowning_face:


Hello everyone o/


Hello, welcome to the adults table, where we do adulting, often badly, with sprinkles of immaturity :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you :joy:


I resent that. I prefer my immaturity in huge dollops!


You’re welcome, @RexEynon Unfortunately since you’re an adult now you’ll just have to take the sprinkles and pretend like you’re happy with what you got, that’s what adulting is all about :stuck_out_tongue:


It looks like we’ve come down with a case of Spam, who’s hungry? :wink:


Hello? Once again I’ve been desserted, was it something I said? :stuck_out_tongue: (And yes I was desserted not deserted)


You were cake’d?
Finally having a quietish week to do some writing, then I have to dress pirates on the weekend I:


Hi. This is my first time coming here and doing this but I hope i can be part of this group and talk about my stories here. I just started this new fantasy story and with all the grammar error and lack of motivation. I’m not sure if it is any good


Your summary sounds interesting, but you’ll definitely want editing help if you feel like you need it. There are threads where you can ask or look for editors in The Improve Your Writing club I believe. Still trying to find where everything is in these clubs myself. XD


Thanks. I will look it up.


Yes, I got cake’d it happens to the worst of us :stuck_out_tongue: So, you’re not dressing as a pirate but you’re dressing others as pirates? That’s almost as bad as getting cake’d :wink:

@anime1 Grammar can be fixed and as @FantasybkLover said you can get help with most things. But lack of motivation is a problem, best advice I can give is to keep going even when you don’t feel like it, sorry it’s not super helpful :slight_smile:


It’s fine, the costumes are owned by my family so we can dress as pirates every other day :stuck_out_tongue:


The opportunity of a lifetime


Could have been my job if my uni wasn’t an elitist trashfire I: Now I’ve got to find another way in.


That sucks!! I hope you find that way!


Hello all