Fantasy Writers 21+++



Your family owns pirate costumes? All my family owns is resentment and belligerence, but we do have a lot of it :smiley:

@Azmavath Hello :slight_smile:


I’m way past 21, but I think the thing that really draws me to writing fantasy is that I feel like I can be any age, any gender, or really any type when I’m writing. I am so happy when I learn that someone reads what I wrote, and it’s like a dream come true when you get a new fan. I don’t think of myself as “older” even though I’m almost 50 because once you hit 30, it’s like you just become 30 forever. You think of yourself as a 10 year repeat of your 30th year. I’ve been on WattPad for a long time too, but as with anything, you get out what you put in to it. And I’ve been meaning to come back and make a fresh start here. So, hi everyone!


They do say that your brain developing until around 25 and after that your personality becomes more or less permanent. So, If you can hold on to your love of fantasy until then, it’s probably going to be with you for the rest of your life :slight_smile: Oh, and also… hello, almost forgot that bit :stuck_out_tongue:


We have a room in the pirate church dedicated to pirate (and some steampunk) costumes, so yes x:


Ooohh, Fantasy writers around my age!

It’s nice to meet you all! :raised_hands:


Room full of pretty steampunk clothes??? :flushed: I am overwhelmed with jealousy


xD Why would I find you here? XD


Uh because we’re twins, obviously. XD


Here to?! XD You’re everywhere!


I need to write more in this story but I keep getting distracted. xD


Trying to write but still having problems with the website. Grr… At least support got back to me quicker than I thought they would.


I think soooo many people here relate to that lol


I am on the main comp instead of my laptop so I am writing on LibreOffice. XD


I am so glad not to be alone in this. XD I might watch Home Alone and write. I can watch a movie and be fine, but you people are so tempting. XD


I’m trying to get through this next chapter called “Ghosts” which explains how the magic in the kingdom works. But for some reason having a hard time.


I’m a Queen. A queen deserves to be everywhere! >:D


Point at it and call it names till it submits to you. :smiley:


Trust me, you are not alone

Because that’s me right now, getting distracted by Wattpad instead of writing :sweat_smile: I feel like Wattpad both encourages me to write because of the awesome people and discourages me to write because of the awesome people lol




I’d take a picture if a fair bit of the collection wasn’t currently stuffed in a suitcase. The pirate shoot was postponed until this weekend instead I:

@ElmiraNight LibraOffice is my program of choice too o: