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Would running things by us help?


Same bruh same. ;-;
I’m always distracted by other things.
I blame my ADD for the most part, because I can’t do one thing. I have to have multiple things up or else I just twitch. XD


Well, at least you have a very fun weekend ahead of you!


Well. I’m the ruler now!


Well, basically the magic in the kingdom is called Spirit Magic, and happens when a dragon and rider die. They essential become one, and The White Rider can use the power of rider’s past for magical purposes. It’s not necromancy, but rather manipulation I think. Basically, she can manipulate their souls for magic. Or something like that at least.


It’s the idea that sounds cool in your head but difficult to write out. XD


I have that problem all the time xD


Like a reservoir of power accumulated by the bonding of dragon and rider that she can tap into? That’s pretty cool!


Like I have this one idea that sounds so cool and would be amazing to see in a novel but I’ve been trying to write out the specs and stuff for it and I cannot seem to get where I want it to be lol


Care to share?


Yeah. She’ll also be able to time travel. Basically, I’m using a few ideas left over from A Rider’s Fate and trying to use them in another story. I have everything planned out but it’s writing it down that’s the hard part.


It’s a Soul Tracker. Basically they start out as a witch. They meet a soul, who teaches them how to connect with souls and try to find people by using their soul auras. She was going to be a tracker in my novel and try to find the girl who was reincarnated as this deity who was needed to help stop some major war coming. And she was missing, so they hired my MC to try and find her.


Ahh, yes… the people will suck you in and you have to claw your way out. XD

@Ickyrus usually I use word on my laptop, but this comp doesn’t have it. Libre is okay. There are some things I don’t care about it, but it gets the job done.XD


I also have a music idea that sounds cool. Music can be seen by the MC in colors and the notes can be manipulated to form portals or used as a weapon, but like I said, don’t really know how to write everything down.


Ooohhh I so love that idea! I am a huge music lover myself, so that sounds amazing lol


I understand that feeling so much!!! I’d say just get it down on paper; you already know everything you need to say. Lol the words are inside you!! :sparkles:

@missmadhatterqueen Sounds like a cool story! But how does she meet a soul? Is a soul a separate thing from a person?

@ElmiraNight But digging takes so much work and I have no upper body strength


It’s for a different story set in the modern world, and basically the MC’s father would be the creature that sucks the music talent out of people in attempts to cross over into the after life (heaven, hell) but he can’t until his son performs with him.

See, I have everything plotted out except for the actual writing part XD


I may have another no sleep night ahead of me. Maybe I should write while sleep deprived and see what happens.XD


My life story. XD


I feel that when people die, their souls are still apart of the earth until people stop thinking about them basically. Like, they travel around aimlessly without thought or without anything to do. She meets this soul randomly one day and he sees potential in her and decides to teach her his ways. Or they still have unfinished business and disappear once their business is finished.