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That actually sounds interesting and I would totally read it. ;o


Remember that sleep is important for your well-being!!

And I’ve found that writing while sleepy is kind of like writing drunk (lol what I imagine writing drunk would be like, because I’ve never written while drunk, because I don’t drink lol), but it can sometimes be helpful because you’ll have stuff already written so you can heavily edit in the morning


Trick is also a cover. I’ve yet to find a suitable violin cover which is what the MC plays.


Ooohhh, nice. I love the violin. It’s so awesome sounding.


Didn’t you mention this to me in another thread? Because I remember someone else telling me the same thing if it wasn’t you.

I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately because of stress. I maybe have a total of 14 hours of sleep since the middle of last week.


Oooh, like ghosts? Cool! It’d be cool if the soul she meets has some sort of connection to her from life, or she reminds him of something about his life


Lindsey Sterling was in town this weekend, but I didn’t hear about it until tonight. :frowning:


I don’t think so? But maybe. My memory is actually horrible


I would LOVE to see Lindsey live. I absolutely love her music. <3


I think the thing was that she reminded him of something in his life. Maybe his sister or daughter or something. So he decided to help her, because at the time she was lost herself and just training her witchy powers xD


Aww, I like that a lot!


Now she has a purpose in life thanks to him. XD And can get paid pretty well depending on whose missing lol.


That sounds like a really fun story… why do you think you’re having trouble writing it?


It needs world building and I’m not sure what all is going to be happening tbh lol. Rn I am planning another story that I hope will be written the start of next year or sometime in December while I am on Christmas break.


is that one proving easier to plot out?


Eh the characters are doing most of the work for me lol Their backstories and stuff is kind of weaving together. I basically just have to world build this one and let the characters do the work for me. XD


Ooh, I love when that happens! It’s so nice to just be able to let the words flow through you lol


Right and it’s almost writable. I just have to world build. Set the world, get a few towns and the laws and stuff.


comes up for air Ello lovelies!


You can do it! :confetti_ball:

@ElmiraNight Welcome back!