Fantasy Writers 21+++



Cool!! I always think it’s so impressive when people make graphics, because the most I can do is plug something into Canva lol


I call her Maddie XD or Twinnie


Hhhaaa wanna know a secret? I am using Canva right now. XD


@Xenoclea How about dipped in hot tar and rolled in cogwheels, seems like a fitting punishment in any steampunk-western :stuck_out_tongue:

@ElmiraNight My longest character descriptions run about 3-5000 words, once you get into it it’s hard to stop :smiley:

@missmadhatterqueen Queen of Hearts it is, now you do know she’s the villain? Just asking, no judgment :wink:


XD Looorrrrrdddd


Crap my identity has been revealed.


@ElmiraNight :scream: lol Canva is the best tho

@NickfEast Tarred and cogwheel’d


It is XD

If you ever want character cards lemmmeee know xD


Don’t worry we’re all a little bit villainous here, you’ll fit in just fine :smiling_imp:

@Xenoclea That’s what they get for going to comic book conventions without dressing up. I mean, I assume, it’s not like I’ve ever personally tarred and cogwheel’d anyone. No no, I don’t wake every night to the anguished screams of their mothers coming to pick them up and realizing their new clothes are ruined. I didn’t do it I tell you! I WASN’T THERE THAT DAY! :angel:


:flushed: If you ever hurt someone’s steampunk outfit or props prepare for RAGE


Didn’t I just say I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t do something like that, see I even put the angel emoji on it :angel: Also, theoretically speaking of course, if someone wasn’t dressed up to begin with, after they were tarred and cogwheele’d they would be :wink:


Instant Steampunk Look: roll yourself in tar and clock parts


Exactly :slight_smile: It might not be as fancy as the other steampunk costumes but it’ll get the job done :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey people, just got back from a few weeks of non writing. Had to take a break. What’s new in the fantasy world of wattpad?


Lol normally I’m a fan of the “all gears must appear to have a purpose” rule but for this I make an exception

@Nightshadow4eva Welcome back! How was your writing break? I hope it was nice and relaxing!


Not sure there’s much news in a couple of weeks, but maybe it’s one of those; no news is good news, scenarios :stuck_out_tongue:

@Xenoclea I didn’t even know that was a rule, what about the welder glasses on top-hats, don’t try to tell me those serve a purpose :slight_smile:


Hello friends, I just turned 21 like a few days ago so I can finally join this prestigious group :kissing_smiling_eyes: How’s everyone doing


Goggles certainly serve a purpose! When one is flying at top speed through the clouds pursued by a dirigible armed to the gills with aether-cannons, one simply cannot afford to be distracted by dry eyes or bits of shrapnel! Goggles are of utmost importance to any self-respecting aviator.

And they make ya look cool. :sunglasses:

lol no, in general steampunk outfits try to make it look like all the bits and baubles serve a purpose, no matter how unrealistic that purpose may be, but sometimes the rule of cool wins over logic lol


Oooh, prestigious, I like that, but I think it’s not exactly true. Lets call it an okay group :stuck_out_tongue:

@Xenoclea Sure sure, if the googles were on their eyes, but they’re usually not, they’re on some helmet/hat thing where it would take half a day to get them off if they can be removed at all :slight_smile: And i thought self-respecting aviators wore aviator sunglasses, aren’t that what they’re for :dark_sunglasses:
The rule of cool over logic sound like my personal rule that you shouldn’t let a little thing like truth ruin a good story :smiley:


That’s why you wear your real goggles around your neck and your backup pair on your hat!

And lol I like that rule. I do a lot of research on physics and medicine just to ignore it when I need to lol