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Ok, then I would like to order one hedgehog/bat and it needs to be able to breathe under water. That’s what biologists do right? :wink:


Lol exactly! :hedgehog::bat::fish:


So, it’s really that easy? You just throw the three together, a few drinks, some slow music and abrakadabra you have a bathog-fish? :stuck_out_tongue:


I am scientist and can confirm that if you put a hedgehog, bat, and fish in your Magic Science Pot and toss in a pinch of glitter Science will happen

but because the is the internet, for anyone else reading, I am 100% joking


I’m on my second Weyerbacher and just made myself a quesadilla even though it’s midnight, and I have work tomorrow, so I feel like I belong in this thread.

What’s up?


Honestly? Mood.


I was hungry! And I’m about to get my period so I’m gonna blame that.

But it’s ok, because the tortillas I used only have 12g of carbs! That means it’s healthy, right?


Mmmm a quesadilla sounds really good right now. Instead I caved and bought some of those tree shaped tin foil cake molds with the intent to make one cake. The cake mix box lied to me and made me make 2 cakes instead. Double the chocolate cake to eat - oops.


Great, since it’s that easy I’m going to open “Nick’s moster zoo and petshop”, I’ll finally be rich enough to buy that scenic apocalypse bunker drilled into a barren mountainside :stuck_out_tongue:

@LittleBird317 What’s a Weyerbacher? It sounds like it could be german beer, is it german beer? :slight_smile: I really don’t see that one would need an excuse to have a midnight quesadilla besides wanting one :stuck_out_tongue: @nostalgicroxas But cake is no good, I mean i understand that people like it, but I never understood why, it’s just not that good :wink:


I believe it is a Belgian beer, but it’s brewed in PA where a good deal of the population speaks some weird derivative of German

It has 9.3% alcohol. That’s probably why I needed that quesadilla after my second one. Quesadillas and nachos are my go-to drunk munchie food.


@LittleBird317 Totally healthy! Besides, everyone knows midnight snack calories don’t count :wink: (lol if only)

@NickfEast Honestly I’d love that so much and I’d spend so much money of fund half your bunker


At 9.3% it’s more like fizzy wine than beer :stuck_out_tongue: I think I read somewhere that the worlds strongest beer is belgian?

@Xenoclea That’s great, because I’m pretty sure I’ll also start the apocalypse with my totally ethical experiments to create ever better monsters/pets :smiley:


Ah, a little apocalypse here and there never hurt anyone!


I love apocalypse stuff


I know all my favorite Belgians are pretty strong. But alas, no more beer or quesadillas for a while. The wife and I are going back on the keto diet for a couple of weeks, so it’ll just have to be seltzer water with bourbon.


Are you sure you’re a scientist :wink: I feel like a little apocalypse could be exactly the kind of thing that might hurt someone, but I will admit I haven’t done the necessary research
@silverdream88 It’s all fun and games until you realize it’s mostly about mud, sleeping in mud, eating mud, clothing yourself with mud, you get the idea :smile:

@LittleBird317 I have an idea, at least theoretically speaking, I think it’s possible to not drink for a couple of weeks :stuck_out_tongue:


Properly made homemade cake is delicious. :stuck_out_tongue: Box-cake is a nightmare. It’s like home made cookies are 100% better.

I actually like a good cake or bread over normal flake pastry.

I wonder how people write about food in their stories. And make it sound so yummy.


I don’t like cake, but I do like bread. It’s a conundrum, I know :wink: Also, I will eat some types of home-made cookies, not willingly of course, but under severe duress :stuck_out_tongue:


Not even glutten-free or sugar-free? I suspect that’s the type of cookies you’d like. My mom gave me some paleo-friendly cookies that had to stay in the fridge all the time; they’re based on chocolate and coconut oil, and are a mess to eat, but super yummy.