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Eww no, keep those diet cookies away from me :smiley: I like regular oatmeal cookies with extra sugar, gluten, and anything else that’s bad for you :slight_smile:


<3 I love oatmeal cookies! I actually bought a pack last week and had a broken heart. Some jerk had added to the ingredients RAISIN PASTE. I wanted bland oatmeal cookies with sugar and honey dammit!


Raisins are one of those weird things that don’t go with anything, they’re okay by themselves but as soon as you mix them with something you ruin it :slight_smile: But for some reason people keep trying to mix them into things :smile:


I like raisins on their own - just the right amount of juice in them.
Same with lemons. I keep trying to have tea or a relaxing fruit drink and it always has lemons in it. And coconut and almonds. Especially with the new fad of almond milk and coconut health things in all those paleo things it’s everywhere. And anything relaxing scented? Lavender is there just to screw with me. The scent of raisins is far more appealing than lavender.


I’m off topic but

Did you just say

That you don’t like cake




Nonsense! If I don’t die of cirrhosis of the liver by the time I’m 50, how can I even call myself a writer?


:scream: You should die of too much tea in your system! imho

That reminds me I need to google to see if green tea has natural caffeine in it or not.


Some of you need to join the Fantasy Let’s Talk thread to make both of these threads active.


I do like lemon tea, or even better lemon/ginger tea, that’s the sh*t :stuck_out_tongue: All diets are dumb, that’s right I said it, the only diet that works is the one that you can live with for a life time :slight_smile: I’ve never thought of raisins as really having a scent? :thinking: But I suppose the do, and it’s probably better than lavender. I think all tea has some caffeine in it? But I’m not sure.

@Xenoclea Cake is bad, and so is dark chocolate and wine. Oh yeah, also, bacon is overrated! I’ll just be here waiting for the lynch mob :ghost:

@LittleBird317 In that case, I think it’s probably more correct to call yourself a drunk, that occasionally put some words on paper :wink:

@FantasybkLover I don’t wanna, this thread moves at just the right speed for me :smiley:


I agree on the dark chocolate (just eat milk chocolate) and wine (I don’t need fermented, bitter grapes) but cake is my LIFE


I don’t think it has all that much. At least not as much a black tea.


Milk chocolate can go take a vacation in a volcano for all I care. 67% dark chocolate and stronger is sooooo much better - talk about rich and sugary and creamy <3 Milk chocolate just tastes like wax - especially anything Hershey’s brand.


I agree that Hershey’s is evil


It’s story of how the company and chocolate came to the US is interesting, and part of history. But does not warrant wax disguised as chocolate.

My favorite brand used to be Dove until I got my hands on XOXOX


I go all the way to white chocolate, sugar and butter, with some nuts added occasionally. That’s chocolate how it should be :stuck_out_tongue: I wonder if adding sugar and butter to wine would make it better :thinking:

@nostalgicroxas Maybe you could make your own chocolate? How hard could it be? Just remember the secret ingredients, sugar and butter :smiley:


Maybe. But it’s kind of hard. You have to have the right kind of cocoa powder and sugar, and heat. And a candy thermometer. Hahaha. It’s probably about as hard as tempering chocolate, honestly.

Sugar + butter in wine? Just drink eggnog with some wine in it lol


Sugary, buttery wine sounds like the stuff the demons force you to drink in hell lol


I thought we already decided you don’t need cocoa powder :stuck_out_tongue:

@Xenoclea But shouldn’t it help with that awful sour taste :smiley:


No cocoa powder means it’s not chocolate! Anything without is … white sugary wax that claims to be white chocolate, and probably just has cocoa butter or cocoa liqueur.


Mnn, white sugary wax drool that’s the stuff :wink:

@All Btw, I was wondering :thinking: do you have any good examples of fantasy foods/drinks from books you’ve read? For example I know there’s a “Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook” related to the Discworld series :slight_smile: