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No example of “fantasy foods” but I get The Week magazine and always paw through it for food ideas in their recipe of the week idea. I’ve stolen a few and put them in my stories - like an idea for a vegetarian quiche, and a salmon dinner.


I see I was technically correct, the best kind of correct :stuck_out_tongue: Bonus points if you know what TV-show “technically correct, the best kind of correct” :slight_smile:

@nostalgicroxas Yeah no, I was thinking more like “Rack á la dragon” or “Kracken soup” :smiley:


I do not because I live under a rock


There was a Winnie the Pooh one I remember


Kraken soup sounds like: fried squid, octopus, jellyfish, nori in a shrimp base with European veggies…


Well, it’s Futurama in case you ever decide to crawl out :stuck_out_tongue: A bit like the simpsons only good :blush:

@Ickyrus A Pooh cook book, or a Pooh dish? :smiley: I could see either being a thing. Honey stuffed Pooh bear sounds delicious :wink: Gives a whole new meaning to “cooking with pooh” :thinking:

@nostalgicroxas Could be, could be, but shouldn’t you put some Kraken in there somewhere? Otherwise people might feel cheated :stuck_out_tongue:


:joy: :joy: :joy: amazing

also that makes me want to watch it lol


No pressure, I’m sure it’s nice and comfortable under that rock… :smiley:


It’s more of a cave, really, with a rock over the entrance. A secret lair :smiling_imp:


I see, with a lair, I assume there’s also some world domination plans rolling around in cupboard somewhere? Or is it just the rock over the entrance so far? It falls on visitors head’s right? I’ve toyed around with something similar :stuck_out_tongue:


My only plans are what dessert to bake next tbh (it’s currant Christmas cookies)


That’s how it starts, cookies are the road to the dark-side. First comes the sweet-tooth, then the cackling, then the life-size gingerbread house, before you know it all the world is covered in sugar and pot of boiling children :wink: Now, I’m not saying that will definitely happen, just be careful :broom: + :smiling_imp: = :ded:


TBH candy witch sounds like an amazing time


Sure, when you say it like that it sounds great :slight_smile: What does a candy witch do exactly? I mean there must be more to it than using candy to lure orphans into the woods? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d imagine a candy witch would work in a call centre next to some overly cocky bloke named Derek. How else would someone a) afford all of those sweeties, and b) lose the soul to exist in the human world and take to harmless cannibalism?


There’s lots of cackling involved and attempted spells to create candy cats


A call-centre candy witch, yes, that seem right :smiley: But I’m thinking more along the lines of putting slightly annoyingness curses on rude customers. Like “may your socks always be turned slightly around as to be a bit uncomfortable”?

@Xenoclea So are these spells to turn cats into candy? Or to create living candy cats from candy? :stuck_out_tongue:


Both. :sparkles: :cat2: :candy:


May the zipper on your jacket always get jammed about half way, you know when the zip gets caught in the material and it won’t quite move and you spend ages pulling about… (The ramble curse)