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I see, so a call-centre candy witch with a cubicle filled with cats turned to candy? Should make her popular around the holidays, does she have candy-cane cats? Then I suppose she keeps the living candy cats at home? :thinking:

@RexEynon Nice once, how about, may all you t-shirts be put one inside-out and back to front? :slight_smile:


You guys had to mention sweets and candy. How about Muffins or Cakes???


I’ve unilaterally agreed for all of us that cake is no good, but I’m undecided on muffins, what kind of muffins are we talking about? :stuck_out_tongue:


26 and I don’t drink :crazy_face:


Same, only I’m 27. Also hi everyone, fellow fantasy writer here!


Hello, and also drinking is not required, same to @alexsefer :slight_smile:


@All Happy new everyone, don’t drink too much, remember the new year starts soon :stuck_out_tongue: Also, question how many books did you read last year?


Happy New Year people! Hope this year treats you all well!


My thinking is more along the lines that the year should hope I treat it well :wink:


Makes mental note to pick up Hershey Kisses at the store on Monday. Not the dark chocolate kind since my taste buds don’t really like it, but the normal kind. Just try not to make a mess around the computer when I’m writing.


I have mixed feelings on Hershey’s… on one hand, I think it’s sour and weird. On the other hand, I can’t stop eating it.


I need something to celebrate 1,000 votes though… Of course, I’ll probably have jinxed it by now from saying that. XD


Nooo, you’re totally allowed to be hopeful (especially since it’s probably gonna happen at this rate lol)! Congrats in advance!


hi ^-^


I’ve never had Hershey’s, I thought it was chocolate? :slight_smile:

@FantasybkLover Congratz on a thousand votes, it does seem like a bit of a milestone :smiley:

@anonymous_spotted Hello :slight_smile:


It is, but it tastes almost sour


But isn’t the point of chocolate that it’s supposed to taste good? :slight_smile:


Don’t tell that to Milton Hershey


Gets out bucket-list… writes impossibly slowly and in terrible handwriting, “Tell Milton Hershey that chocolate is supposed to taste good.”

Sorry, what were we talking about I got distracted :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol the thing is you eat it and you know it’s not good-good but it somehow tricks you into thinking it’s this magical yummy addictive substance

Also to stay on topic

Hello yes I am Fantasy writer and I just turned 22 a few days ago, yay!