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Oh yeah, 100% :joy::joy::joy:


@NickfEast I’m with you there, cake is inferior to most sweets (but I’d take more or less any dessert right now, because dessert is dessert and I’m not all that picky). I’m 100% down with cookies, brownies, and pie.

Now, a mythological berry daquiri (challenge accepted)…

Off shore in the colder climates there’s a seahorse that lives in the kelp forests. Its egg patches look like pomegranate fruit and are considered a delicacy for their juicy sweetness. Fishermen risk life and limb to harvest them from the notoriously treacherous Sarian seas and transport them back to the big cities where they’re sold for hundreds of Royals to the rich. At all of the fashionable parties during the few warm summer months, you can find wealthy women drinking a cocktail made from the sweet juice of seahorse eggs mixed with rum imported from the southern Isles, poured over snow or ice packed down from the lands north of the thaw.

There’s a part of me that wants to slip mention of this drink into my writing now, thanks :laughing:

Do you mention desserts in your writing at all? What about booze? Asking for a friend :wink:


@NickfEast Do you think there’s a traffic difference between the HighFantasy profile and the HF reading list in the Fantasy profile? I’m on Fantasy’s HF reading list but not HF’s reading lists, if that makes sense. (Trouble is, I also don’t remember which applications I’ve filled out and don’t want to spam anyone…)

Have you noticed an uptick in your traffic after making any reading lists?

I told myself I wouldn’t get invested in numbers when I first started posting here, but man is it hard to resist the lure of that instant-gratification-hit that comes each time I get new reads or votes.


Is there a lot of caffeine in tea? Also, what kind of mythological creature would drink a tea based alcoholic drink and what would it be called? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m making a list

@Xenoclea I knew it, that’s why I usually pickpocket the lawfully good while they’re buys looking the other way :smiley:

@CeeMTaylor Dessert is my least favourite part of any meal, unless it’s ice-cream, all dessert should be ice-cream :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t have much mention of desserts but I have several types drinks, but have made it in to the story :slight_smile: So, do you have a name for this seahorse/rum drink? I’ll add it to the list

This is the list so far:
Dragons: Fire-water,
Cyclops: Googly-eye ogle-wine,
Unicorn: Forgotten-forrest mist (Vape),
Goblins: Sock-goblin beer sweaty for that extra zing, hobble-goblin beer for when you don’t want to be able to walk,
Vampire: Bloody idiot, served slightly chilled in the body of a heavy alcoholic
Dryad: Sap-cocktails mixed with an organic fertilizer as the energy-drink base
Hydra: Buckets-o-raki-shots
Kraken: “Barrels of fun” a drinking game where you never know if you’re going to get a barrel of rum or a barrel of hiding soggy pirate, either way it’s good. Just mix with your own ink and couple of drops of seawater. Sip slowly.

I don’t think you can expect any real uptick in numbers due to being added to any reading list. And as you say, I don’t think you should worry too much bout those numbers, worrying is time wasted.

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And that’s why we always keep wards on our wallets


With a Chimera and each head of the beast likes its tea slightly different; lion (very berry tea), snake (green tea), goat (milky white tea).


That doesn’t seem very trusting, shouldn’t believing and trusting in people be a part of the lawfully goodness philosophy? :smile: Or is believing in the power of good only for when it’s convenient :wink:

@redfae Sounds good, for it to be accepted into the cannon however, the drinks should be in some way addictive. We all know mythological beast struggle with substance abuse problems :stuck_out_tongue: Unless you have another suggestion, I’d suggest we make the Chimera’s teas on the toddy, just add rum :slight_smile:

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It’s the power of knowing not everyone else is good lol


Careful now, you’re beginning to sound almost neutral, which I suppose is only natural since neutral is the new good :stuck_out_tongue:


@All, so did everyone just disappear? Remember just because it’s january doesn’t mean you have to cram in all the exercise for the entire year into this one month :stuck_out_tongue:


I’d like to think it will give me the excuse to say I did something to make myself sweat. :laughing:


Okay :slight_smile: But do you we really need an excuse? Can’t we just be okay with being sweaty without the excuses :stuck_out_tongue:





Common Howard, don’t be like that, everyone loves a good sweat :stuck_out_tongue:


:laughing: This reminds me of an awkward interaction I watched go down in a sauna once.


I don’t believe in sauna-awkwardness, it goes against everything I stand for, there is nothing in the sauna except sweat and joy! :wink:


And learning about a friend’s accidental/spontaneous h*&d on he was embarrassed by but what I found to be absolutely hilarious :rofl:


I have to say that’s pretty ruff stuff :smiley: Can’t say I’ve ever had an incident like that myself, and not for lack of trying :angel:

Now to the business at hand, everyone knows the correct drink for the sauna is cold beer, but what kind of mythological/fantasy creature would enjoy it, and what kind of beer would it be? (preferably with a fantasy twist)


I always imagine something milk based.
And right away I got this image of coming out of the sauna stepping in front of this small staged gallery and choosing from a row of tiny goats creatures (imagine them looking like the Rocket Raccoon version of goats, all looking different) and choosing which goat milk you want from them. :joy:


Milk based you say, what about a White-Satyr? Ambrosia and goats milk? Not exactly a Sauna drink but for long life and strong bones it can’t be beat :stuck_out_tongue: