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That was addressed at @Fox-Trot-9 you’ll have to read the earlier posts for it to make sense :slight_smile:

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oh, what does mild mean?


Uhhhhh. Maybe? :scream:


Well, in this context “mild” I guess means the opposite of “savage” :smile:

@Fox-Trot-9 Bubbles pop, that’s what they do :slight_smile: But it’s okay, the ghost is gone. It’s perfectly safe to come down and also let your guard down, just for a second :stuck_out_tongue:




That’s the Fantasy talk thread at the top of this club lol.


Stay up there then! :stuck_out_tongue: But while you’re up there, did you have a suggestion for the drink list?

@FantasybkLover You mean it suffers from the same near fatal condition of inactivity? Because I found it also suffered from monosyllable-ism :smiley:

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It’s difficult because everyone in the same club I’m in except for one or two who are in school, are IN DIFFERENT TIME ZONES! XD

But seriously, I need sleep. It’s 12:30am here and I promised readers a new chapter today.


How are you?


I’m okay, everything hurts and I’m slowly dying :smile:

I don’t see the problem with time zones, in fact I prefer it, I have no interest in trying to maintain instant communications. I’m fine with waiting half a day or even a couple of days for a reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Now go to sleep and stop procrastinating! :wink:

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Hmmmm. Let me see. Green tea is fine with me! :smile:


Okay, then what kind of mythological creature would drink green tea? :slight_smile:

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Um, a 9-tailed fox. :wink:


Not one from the encyclopedia of mythological creatures, but I’ll allow it :slight_smile: So is it like a hydra? You cut one tail of and two new grow back? Because I have a business ideas for making smart looking coats out of fox’s tails :wink: Oh, also what kind of alcohol goes in green tea :tropical_drink:

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Hello peeps


No, it’s not like a hydra! Fox tails are earned, not grown. And ew, coats made out of fox tails? Nooooooo! As for the last question, hmmmm. I’ll have to think on that one.

Edit: Maybe vodka.


Hello, welcome back to the coal mines :smile:

@Fox-Trot-9 Fox tails are soft and warm and fun to throw at people :wink:
But anyway here’s my suggestion:
The nine-tailed green tea fox toddy, comes with an optional to consume shot of vodka? :tropical_drink:

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Lol. How is the writing going


Hey there, I’m new to the group. I’m not sure I’m doing this right, but…

A Korean water ghost. Bul gwisin, as they’re called.