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But fox tails come from actual foxes, who need them! And the vodka comes mixed with the nine-tailed green tea fox toddy.


Oooh, that sounds cool!


Slow, real slow, like watching paint dry except I forgot to do any actual painting :stuck_out_tongue:

@JulesRaina Welcome, I’m assuming you wanted us to make up a drink for the Bul gwisin? :tropical_drink:

@Fox-Trot-9 The Nine-tailed fox part I just threw in there to make the name sound more interesting, I promise the green tea is completely fox-free :smiley: But with the vodka already in there we can just call it “The nine-tailed green tea and vodka fox toddy”? :tropical_drink:


Ah, that sounds like a good beverage to me (as long as it’s fox-free, that is)!


Been away a while. Loving the drinks addition! May I suggest including some good old Norse? So many fun references there :slight_smile:


Well, I added it to the list. I don’t think they make green tea or vodka out of foxes, but I’ll check to make sure :stuck_out_tongue:

@RexEynon Welcome back, I’m sure we could do something norse, got any suggestions? :tropical_drink:




What’s with the glaring? I haven’t done anything, well at least not right now :stuck_out_tongue:


As long as my fox family isn’t harmed in any way, I’ll fully back the nine-tailed green tea and vodka fox toddy. Mmmmm, it sounds tasty, actually.


With plenty of hunny, and definitely no foxes whatsoever, it could be okay :smiley:


That actually seems good for sore throat, nine-tailed green tea and vodka fox toddy with honey. I kind of have a sore throat right now, so I’ll help myself to some. drinks Mmmmmm, tasty!


Jormundandr (maybe). Something to do with wrapping are under the world…

Or maybe Milk of Audumbla

Turns out I’m not very good at this


Hey, me too, sore throat BFFs, and yes it does work, just don’t use too much vodka :stuck_out_tongue:

@RexEynon Jormundandr, the world serpent, as an ouroboros, what it drinks mostly is probably it’s own pee. Now I’m not saying we can’t serve that, but it’s a bit of a speciality drink. One only ouroboros creatures will truly appreciate, and we’ll need something to mix it with, something real strong that will cover the smell :tropical_drink: :blush:


Haha, nice take on it, I guess. Slightly disgusting, but nice.

We could force-feed Jormundandr cranberry juice and vitamins. May be rid of some of the smell. Then mix with a lemon/vinegar blend.


Hmm yeah, the vinegar especially should give us something to blame the smell on :stuck_out_tongue:

So, here’s my suggestion, “The ouroboros unmentionable, guaranteed to contains trace amount of cranberry juice, mixed with lemon and vinegar. May contain varying degrees of unmentionables, user experience can vary.” :smiley: :tropical_drink:


Love it. Definitely something from the top shelf. Can put it next to the black label


I’ll add it to the list then :smile:


@All So, no more drinks ideas?

And if you’re looking to order the list is at the top of the topic :partying_face: :tropical_drink:


Some bar snacks maybe?


Oooh, bar snacks… fancy :stuck_out_tongue: Why didn’t I think of that :peanuts: