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Booze always comes first. Eats are an afterthought.

Now I dunno about you, but for me nothing helps an ale down like a small bowl of mixed spirits.


So, are we saying a bowl of mixed spirits is now a snack? Shouldn’t it be a bowl of mixed nuts, or preferably something more mythological. Like a roast pig you can eat over and over forever :smiley:


I was thinking mythologically, about soul eaters, though my stupid sleepy self mistaken souls for spirits. (How does that even happen??)

Love the roast pig idea. With every rotation it does on its spit it recovers what was eaten.


I see a bowl of mixed mortal souls to go with your unmentionable drink :stuck_out_tongue:

The eternal pig is also from Norse mythology, Sæhrímnir, that gets eaten every night :slight_smile:


Nice. Keeping with the Norse theme :slight_smile:

Maybe some minotaur/ centaur jerky? For those who like a classic?




Hmm, not sure how I feel about serving sapient beings as snacks :angel: the Minotaur might be okay, unless were going vegan. I mean souls must count as vegan right? :stuck_out_tongue:

So, right now we have “Small bowls of lightly salted mortal souls” and “The eternal pig roast buffet, when we say eat as much as you want we really mean is more than you want.”

@silverdream88 Hi, looking to add suggestions for mythological snacks? :smiley:


Hmm. IDK


Greetings I am an adult. I stopped counting my age when I hit 18 and I still think I am 18 even though it’s been 3 long years. Unsure why I am posting here since I need to go to bed shortly in order to be able to make my morning lecture.


I’m 26 and still feel like a teenager. Help. XD


Isn’t that technically cannibalism because a centaur is sort of like a person?


Well think about it, people need snacks :stuck_out_tongue:

@melodiccnightowl Somehow a “Greetings I am an adult” makes me think of three dogs standing on each other in a trench-coat, and not adult dogs either, but puppies :smile:

@FantasybkLover Technically it’s only cannibalism if they’re the same species, unless @RexEynon is a centaur, are you a centaur @RexEynon ? :wink: But I had the same thought about the ethics of eating intelligent beings :blush:

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@FantasybkLover @NickfEast I in no way thought of it that way, and am now really concerned with my subconscious. All I though about were those thick hams, taking no notice of the half man at the top…


@FantasybkLover @RexEynon Okay, so what we’ll do is cut of the top part, like cutting away the brown bit of a banana, and well pretend the bottom part is unicorn. “Unicorn-jerky, stop asking where it comes form, you don’t want to know.” And we’ll never mentions this again :stuck_out_tongue: Ethics problem solved forever :wink:


Hahahaha, if only all ethical problems could be solved so easily. (Maybe the solution to Brexit is to cut the top off Teresa may?)


What you should have done is cut the top of the cause of the problem, that blond thing, what his name? Boris Jeltsin? He and his cohorts could have been made into stupidity potions, it seems people get dumber just by being near them :smiley:

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Okay, if there are no objections/changes I’ll add the three snacks to the list
“Small bowls of lightly salted mortal souls”
“The eternal pig roast buffet, when we say eat as much as you want we really mean is more than you want.”
“They Soylent-green unicorn-jerky, stop asking where it comes form, you don’t want to know.”



Sounds good to me :slight_smile:
The list is really beefing up!


Okya, I’ll add the snacks menu to the list :smiley:


Up to anything interesting this weekend?