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Sleeping, avoiding people, and doing nothing. You know, the usual :stuck_out_tongue:


could harpy wings be an alternative snack to chicken wings?


I’m sure they could, I mean it’ll make a pretty big snack. As half-human creatures, I assume harpy-wings will be the about the size of a human leg :stuck_out_tongue: What kind of sauce do we get with harpy-wings?


Unsure. Everytime I think of fantasy and sauce my brain only makes connections that just sound revolting. My favourite normal sauce is tomato ketchup and the only thing I can think of as an alternative to that is literally blood :joy:


hello new fantasy writer here


That seems about right, “Harpy-wings served with spicy blood-sauce, get your bib on!” :smile:

@rigantor Hello, and welcome to the thunder-dome, two writers enter, three writers leave :wink:


something in me says that something wasnt quoted right here but, nahhhhh


Where’s the fun in quoting things correctly? :stuck_out_tongue:


somewhere, over the rainbow


Did you know there are 14 books about Oz, they get over that rainbow again and again, and again, and again :stuck_out_tongue:


Turns out Oz is just the local boozer, the adventures are drunken slurrs.


Are we talking about Australia or the Wizad? :wink:


The wizard is the landlord. Makes dreams come true. What’s the name of the big castle?


Hey there :grin:
I am new here, only wanted to say hello to my fellow legal-drinking fantasy writers! :wave:t2:


Are we still talking about Oz? It’s probably the emerald something or other, or is that the city?

@tea_andbiscuits Sorry, but we’re full up when it comes to "Hello"s and other pleasantries, but if you want to say something borderline mean we’re reading :wink: Mean is the new funny :blush: Or there’s a menu at the top :tropical_drink:


@All Morning everyone :slight_smile:


It’s a but quiet in here isn’t it?


Yeah, it comes and goes, but generally the fantasy writers seem to be a pretty quiet bunch :smile:


Shame, I’m prefer to be loud :laughing:


Maybe quiet isn’t the right word :smile: It’s more like sporadic inactivity :stuck_out_tongue: But feel free to be loud! I’ll give you a signal if the Draconian bouncer starts giving you the evil eye :scream:

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