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I am offended by this.

Joking! XD

But in all seriousness, I think WP does a terrible job of promoting the genre clubs, and that’s the main problem. There are a number of us Fantasy writers in a few of the Undiscovered threads.


Don’t worry, you can be offended, you just can’t expect anyone to care that you’re offended :wink:

Yeah, it does seem like people aren’t that interested in engaging with the community. And personally I’d much rather have a thread with some substance and just with a reply or two per day, than one that’s replying every minute but it’s all “hey”, “hi”, “sup”, “hello” etc and no one ever really says anything :smiley:

I guess I’d rather be offended than bored :thinking:

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If anyone wants a topic to talk about: one of my former lecturers just followed me on twitter (my profile picture isn’t me, my @ isn’t my name) and I don’t think I can ever tweet again now. Pls help.


Personally, I don’t use twitter, it’s the root of all evil. However, with that said, I have no problem advising others to use evil :stuck_out_tongue: Can’t you just block the person? And with it being a former, not a current, lecturer, does it really matter? :blush:

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I mean it doesn’t really matter, it’s more I liked that lecturer and thought she was pretty cool and I don’t wanna disappoint her with my shitposting lmao


There’s nothing wrong with a little shitposting here and there to pass the time :stuck_out_tongue: I mean if she followed you, I assume she already saw what you were posting, so shitposting must be what she’s looking for :smile:

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maybe, I’m just mostly confused to how she found me

thing is whilst she’s not lecturing me anymore I am going to be going back to that university for my graduation so it ain’t like I won’t see her again either


Does anyone else have slow days when they publish in the middle of the week? I feel like publishing bonus chapters hurts my scheduling, even if the chapter is in addition to my regular weekend updates.

Hopefully people are just waiting to read it until the weekend, but this is the second time I’ve posted a mid week chapter and activity is slow or non existent.

Makes me think I should publish any future bonus chapters on the weekend, if I decide to continue including those chapters.


It sounds like you’re assuming she knows it’s you, but do you actually know that she knows? You know… Also, know :stuck_out_tongue:



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I mean it is possible she doesn’t know… that would be hilarious but somehow I doubt it. I do talk about my personal life on there so I don’t think it would take too long to figure it out I don’t think. Though that said, I suppose a lecturer doesn’t know me like as well as say a friend would.


Yeah, I wouldn’t be so sure that she know, but it is possible. But either way, she followed you, so I really don’t see a problem with you keeping on posting like you were before :smile:

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Hey, guys, I need your opinion on something.


Okay, my speciality is unpopular opinions. The kind that may or may not make you want to ball up in a fetal position until the pain goes away. You have been warned :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can do opinions.


So when it comes to world-building and your characters need to survive in it, how do you best explain/write the history & culture to them that is so unfamiliar?


ooooh I love worldbuilding! do you mean here how do you explain their world to us as a reader when its super strange to us or that your character has ended up in a strange world that they need to interpret for us, the reader?


the second one.


well, first thing is the atmosphere -is this world exciting to them, or terrifying? that usually helps set the tone for the delivery. I assume you’ll have characters native to the world to explain a few things every now and then, since history is much more difficult to explain from observation alone

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Something I feel is sometimes missed in the culture/history of world-building is that the culture your characters are living in is the “normal” to them. Just like your own culture is “normal” to you. Not many people are capable of seeing the weird aspects of their own culture. And that should probably hold true in most fantasy cultures as well.
But it’s the characters that do see the weirdness that are the most interesting :smiley:


@All Morning everyone, I half way through my morning routine of screaming into the void. On other news it’s supposed to be spring, but overnight we’ve gone back to Winter Wonderland :snowflake: