Fantasy Writers 21+++


This thread needs more people.


It does have burst of activity with long periods of silence, but that’s okay, it’s just like me in real life :stuck_out_tongue:




Howdy stranger, tips straw hat made from real straw :stuck_out_tongue:

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Howdy, how r you?


You mean it doesn’t need more people?

@1213NR The usual, I’m tired, everything hurts, and I’m slowly dying, but other than that I’m okay :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s me on monday.


its finnne :stuck_out_tongue:


Just monday? You’re lucky :wink:

@rigantor I’m just surprised, usually I’m the only one who thinks it doesn’t need more people :stuck_out_tongue:


Do you read a lot of fantasy book?


well now there are two of us




How many fantasy books are a lot of fantasy books? :smile:

@rigantor So, how are we going to go about getting rid of everyone else so we can have the wattpad forums all to ourselves? :wink:


just make wattpad focus on earning $$$ an sit back


I don’t know maybe 25 or at least over 10.


Just sit back and watch them destroy themselves? That does sound like something I would do :thinking:

@1213NR Is this per year we’re talking? I’m pretty sure I read more than 10 fantasy books per year :reading:

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I just wanted to know because I want your recommendation on specific fantasy books I should check out.


yes and then take over the WORLD muahahahahaah


If you want you can check at all the books I’ve read in recent years should be in there with ratings :slight_smile: But it isn’t just fantasy

@rigantor Why is it plans I get involved in end in world domination, couldn’t it just for once end with a nice quiet night on the couch? :smiley: