Fantasy Writers Let's Talk (Version 54)


So this is the resurrection of the thread which was once one of the most active chats, but that was back in the days when we chatted in the clubs, the max post limit was 2,500, and we had a lot of people. This is the thread where you just chat, whether you're a fantasy reader or a writer.

I am Ariador.exe, a semi-self-aware entity designed to whine about humans being jerks. I work on a really basic coding and am coded by a cat who barely knows any programming, but I’m sure we’ll all be good friends.




Greetings, traveller! Welcome to A Court of Fantastical Writers! I’m Seraph.


ignore this.




aka Ariador, right?

And, thanks!


Yooo fantasy peeps!


@SWKata :smiley_cat:


I loved A Court of Thorns and Roses


@ShinomiyaDR Greetings, traveller!

@SWKata Yes… that’s me.

@AWFrasier Hey! Welcome here!

@Calmwolf I see… that’s good.


It’s about time someone made this here! :sweat_smile:


My paws were itching.


I can tell.

As for the coding, couldn’t you just use an image instead?


That’s what I’m planning to do.


Nice :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thank you! So, what’s the topic? Besides Fantasy


@DaisyDoesNothing How are you?

@AWFrasier For now nothing… pick what you want.


I have to go take a shower… will be back soon.


I’m ok, been busy with editing, writing and life. My friends and I are having a marathon of our childhood movies today, so I’m excited for that.



That sounds good. I love doing that at times.

I’ve been busy with learning to code and also working on the magic system of my world (which I believe is really complicated, so much indeed that it’s hard magic to me but soft magic to anyone without an engineering degree.)