Fantasy Writers Let's Talk (Version 54)


Read the Percy Jackson books, then watch the movies, and you’ll understand. Then again, the Eragon movie was awful


Me neither


RIGHT?? They also did a bunch of little things that just really annoyed me, like Annabeth’s hair color change from movie one to movie two from like dark brown to blonde that no one mentioned?? And then he defeated Kronos which was like this bad CGI weird fiery dude in five seconds at the end of the second movie?? Like they had such awesome starting material, how did it go so wrong??


So true! I have an opinion, that they should hire a real fan of the original series, so that they can check if things make sense. The end result is better for everyone


At least they didn’t change the species that someone was supposed to be to another species. XD


Oh yikes. I am really glad I never watched Eragon XD


Arya was supposed to be an elf. They made her human in the movie.


That’s messed up, why would they do that? Could they not afford some of those fake pointy ears?


It was annoying. They didn’t include Orik!! That makes me mad.


I don’t know. You can buy some darn good ones for $15 online.


Eh maybe they spent too much on the dragons XD


I was actually fine with Saphira. Except for the growth rate. XD


I have a plan to fix both.

  1. find dedicated fans who would be willing to help out
  2. contact the authors for rights and help
  3. fans who are writers can work with a playwright to make the script
  4. find a good director, and the rest of the crew
  5. casting is supervised by author and fans to avoid inaccuracies (Annabeth is blond, they aren’t 16, Arya is an elf, and has black hair)
  6. filming
  7. it would be cooler if Saphira were played by an actual dragon, so
  8. become a dragon Rider


Ambitious I see! :slight_smile:


Xd. I wish it would happen, but sadly, I don’t think it’s possible


Only 23 votes away from 1,000! Suspense!


I feel like this seems too mechanical. This is for the second chapter though.

The wind shifted, the woman in gold and silver turned slowly. “Durai!” She said, her face lighting up in a large smile.

“Tora…” He said as he stepped forward, she held him close.

“You smell like death…and victory.” She told him, her golden brown eyes catching those of her brother.

“It is a shame you could not be there to cut them down. I heard that the troops missed their fierce lioness.” He told her.

Tora could hear the footsteps of their father approaching, she pushed Durai away. “Father,” she whispered to him.

For just a brief moment, Durai looked panicked, it was a look she had seen only a few times.


The language you spoke sounded pretty Spanish.

I only speak around 10-12 real life languages, and in India alone there are 1600 unique languages. Considering those statistics, you shouldn’t have much problem.


It’s okay to be a mix, in the 17th century many people didn’t care what science was, and they simply ignored it whereas we had nearly completed our understanding of Newtonian physics.

In that case only a tiny bit of the population will know, and others won’t. It’s not cool to be a nerd yet.


That looks beautiful.