Fantasy Writers Let's Talk (Version 54)




You make a good point there. The key to jeringonza is to add a p after each vowel, and then the same vowel again. Works best with spanish


Apah, tepe repefipieperepes apa epestopo?






How are ya?




Fair enough. Me too. How’s writing?


At a halt, I still can’t think of anything.


Ah, that sucks. You can always look at those prompt thingies in IYW


Now there’s people sitting on either side of me… I can’t write anymore ;-;


No, not that. I have a lot of work to do. First college, then work, then sleep, then video games, photoshop, extra courses, science classes, homework, assignment, writing, and I’m trying to get a new boyfriend.


Why try to get a new boyfriend if you already have so many things to do?


He’s cute.

I think you should watch a movie or something, that’ll help.


A movie? I’m in a public space. I can hardly watch a movie here


Then go home and do it, Kingdom of Heaven ought to inspire you.


But I don’t wanna go home


Where are you?


Daytime activities.

Even out of school, I still have PE xP


Oh, that’s bad, or good depending on if you find it amusing.

When you return home, watch it. You’ll get a prompt in writing.