Fantasy Writers Let's Talk (Version 54)


I just had plans for a TV series called Normans.


Eh. I know I need to get stronger. I liked PE at school too. It was the people that made it awful, the other kids


Yeah, other people are always the problem.


I had a case study for counseling and it took me five hours to realise that the Trim and Fit club wasn’t for trim and fit people. I was wondering why the client felt bad about being in the club.




Épestopo epes divepertipidopo.


Japajapajapa. Sipi eres mupuy dipivepertipidopo


@FantasybkLover, opotropo capambipiopo depe ipidipiopomapa.

Another change of language


Peperopo upun popocopo depemapasipiapadopo lapargopo.


Sipi. Epes mipil vepecepes mapas fápacipil hapablapadopo


When we were kids, my cousins and I created our own secret language which I don’t remember.


That’s so cool!


It’s sad that you don’t remember it.


Normalmente no habló español.


I do remember some of it, it sounded like baby sounds and somewhat between the lines of Sanskrit and Greek.


Es bueno practicar. Normalmente hablo Inglés en mi casa pero Español en el colegio, excepto por unas clases que son en inglés, y el tercer idioma que escogió el colegio, que es portugués.




Oh, interesting. In my home I speak a number of languages from Bengali, Croatian, English, and Sarcasm. In uni all our stuff happens in English and English is used for everything.


Cool. Love the Sarcasm as a language.


Oh, no. I absolutely hate it, sarcasm is one of my least favourite things.