Fantasy Writers Let's Talk (Version 54)


XD. I meant the way you classify sarcasm as a language


I’m stuck deciding what the characters’ heights will be. Like I want them to be close of height but again often one of them complains about how his partner often stands high so he doesn’t get kissed.

The progenitor to elves and men were 6’4 on average, and humans were around 6’2, and the wood-elves would be the same height, and high-elves would be freakishly tall at an average of 6’7. And the dawn-elves would be around 6’10… what more?

So the royals and nobles are taller than the rest because better nutrition, and the king of the wood-elves is as tall as an average high-elf, and his son (the MC) is a bit shorter. Does that sound logical?

So my characters would finally be 6’6 and 6’10. That’s still enough to kiss.


I’ve read it online.


Just turn the movie up at full volume on your phone. Happens all the time at McDonalds is annoying because I would like to eat in peace. XD


Can I get help pinning down a detail?


Depends, what kind of detail?


Trying to figure out how long my MC will sleep for.


7-8 hours.


Tis not normal circumstances


Then depends on the situation.


person had a vision from a necklace and felt unwell afterward. not long after he gets a magic visit from his sister. without factoring the necklace, he slept most of a day into the next morning.


My teacher just asked me if I want to do Poetry Out Loud after reading my poem and listening to it, this was her feed back: Wow…this was so powerful to read! Thanks for sharing it AND the story behind it!!!


I’ve never shared anything I wrote in my freetime with a teacher before, I was nervous about submitting it because I thought she might feel it was too dark or something, my recording wasn’t the best either near the end


Finished the 2nd chapter of my novel!


Hooray! It always feels rewarding to finish a chapter




Okay, I started a rewrite yesterday and wrote a 200 word prologue, which is spoken from a historian’s perspective on an event. Does that sound well?

It’s not a story, it’s an epic poem that in my universe was memorized by adventurers and minstrels to be sung around campfires.


Ooh, sounds cool! If you use all the cool epithets like Homer did please share them here!


I can’t write it as I’m supposed to, because it’s in a different language.

At the rise of dawn’s blood-red sun,
songs of songbirds were all ceased,
with the cry of hedonic battle-horns
were the warrior-hordes unleashed
upon the forces of the fair warriors,
brave and stalwart, land-guardians,
and of them Ethalgard, the greatest,
his dinted helm spewing blood-fire,
spirit unbent, unbowed, unbroken.


Sounds cool so far!