Fantasy Writers Let's Talk (Version 54)




Took me a while to write, but as for the main song, I’ve only done the beginning. I literally have no clue how to begin.

The Draconimus is a collection of epics, specifically 12. Although quite a short series of books when translated, it’s difficult to write.

This is funny. According to one of my legends, when the Akkad first saw a race of mammalian beings having both males and females in their villages, they thought them to be two different races living together, which is why it was quite a surprise when they saw a couple having an intercourse, because they assumed it was crossbreeding, and were irked out by that. They were also surprised to see that their newborns came out bare.


Reminds me of Lost to the Ages by ImperialSun


Oh, cool. How?


Cuz it opens with a historian talking


Oh, that’s like a review, because the rest is a song.












*rolls* Hello there!


:heart_eyes: 'i!


*purrs* What are you doing?


watching a info vid and trying to write


Oh, me too. I’m researching Greek and Roman warfare.


I’m tweaking old content to reflect changes I made


Oh, I’m doing the same, although more like rewriting stuff.


sorta doing that too. depends on how major the detail is