Fantasy Writers Let's Talk (Version 54)


whats up?


The blanket I’m burritoed in.


why the hell did you remind me of burritos
I feel like eating now…


Did you eat dinner?


Mum made chicken
and I am the family’s vegetarian so I thought of ordering food but got busy, and totally forgot to eat


That’s bad you know, you could die like that.


Boi a person does not die if he forgets one meal




But you can get sick if you don’t eat an adequate amount as per your weight. I’m guessing it’d be around 2000 calories for you.




Well im like 2 kilos heavier than you


I’m 56 now.


Still 2 kilos heavier than you boi


Oh… but I guess 2000 should be enough still.


1200 boi


Im mark, I write fantasy, but its mostly werewolf stuff. But, I have a couple (non-werewolf) ideas like: this one story where the main character is on a different planet and through cooperation with earth he travels between helping them build spacecraft due to low resources.


Really? I think you need at least 2000, at least if you are to maintain your weight.


Do not question a bio student about calories boi


Hello, I’m Jasper. I mostly write fantasy and science fantasy (and also create sci-fi that could actually work irl) and I keep having ideas always.

Your ideas sound sci-fi, it sounds good. Do you have a plot for it?


Okay, then how many calories do I need being a somewhat feminine boy of 5’11" who weighs 56 kilos and has to walk 25-30 kilometres per week?