Fantasy Writers Let's Talk (Version 54)


You are the one who needs 2000-2500 calories


Oh… so that’s what I need to maintain my weight?


“Let us offer our prayers to him and be on our way,” said Adair as the two of them knelt before the statue and prayed: Adair prayed for their safe return and well-being, and Nilthir prayed for this war to be over without much bloodbath. Both wishes quite far-fetched, no? At least seeing the length of this book, the reader thought, but sadly neither of the two could hearken to them.



“All over computer.”


I can’t really watch info videos. I get most of my info from wiki or the history subreddit on Reddit.


I like listening to people talk


You’d think for someone with powerful cat-like reflexes I’d be able to cover my face before I sneeze, but no.


Yes i do, the main character falls in love with a female scientist. Their relationship takes off only for her to mysteriouusly die. Years later, he joins the army. Or (some sort of armed forces), and unexpetedly falls in love with a fellow soldier that coincidentally looks like her.


Let me guess… they’re the same person?


Yes and no The woman he got close to was a clone of her.


reminds me of Last Hope…


I should work on it, I dont want to be unintentionally stealing someone elses work.


that isn’t ALWAYS a bad thing


Eh, when I write I like to create things that are different. this one seems similar to something that exists already I dont really like that. Ill keep the alien world idea but work the love interest part.


know nothing is 100% original


Ok that makes sense.


anybody else’s notifs being baka? :expressionless:


Hello everyone.




What’s up?