Fantasy Writers Let's Talk (Version 54)


Not much, yourself?


Just laying in bed and debating with myself about resurrecting another old story idea. So much for New Year’s resolutions.


Honestly, If you think it’s a good idea you should definitely go for it!


I just have five or six other equally good ideas, and I need to just stop and focus on one thing.

Yeah, I’m going to write a little bit of it.


Try mixing they all together, I’ve done it one and it works rather quite well. I have to get off unfortunately though since it it late for me but i’m glad you shared some time with me. Goodnight!




this is awful, my sister’s asking me to find a job on the internet until friday my time, i am deeply stressed


For me it’s the constant barrage of announcements that’s doing that.


What do you mean? I keep getting notifications for the same ones even if I click on them and last night it said the same person followed me 4 times as a notification. XD I think notifs are broken right now.


My notifs keep saying so and so mentioned you but they don’t. WP really needs to fix how glitchy their system is across the website right now.


Yes, hope.


that is the amount of calories you need for your height


Okay, and you?


for me its 1200 because i am devoid of any physical activity


Oh, right… pandas don’t do much.


you got that right


all i need is a few bamboo sticks


And I need proper cat food. And a zebra.


you do
I have a lot of cat food at my house
I have to feed them to the stray cats now


That’s good, they won’t be hungry now, and will also like you.