Fantasy Writers Let's Talk (Version 54)


I was trying the elves thing in Aldonia, but it just wasn’t working out.


the elves could be riders


I know, but that would most likely have remain High Fantasy like Eragon. :confused:


I am veert tempted to ax a chapter


Okay, sleep tight Jasper. Nite nite :stars:


Hi Shino :grin:


The editor you asked about, she might be creating a wait list for when she’s finished with my story. I’ll double check with her later.




idk if that was me…


It was. You asked about her in the undiscovered thread.


I did?


I thought you did.


somebody did. idk if it was me. MtK and KoL aren’t ready. I’m stuck on them anyway


How do people feel about magic boarding schools that definitely aren’t Hogwarts?


i can’t say

this seems challenging for people who wants to have this thing differently; because mostly, magic boarding schools have the Hogwarts kind of thing. Maybe because it’s based on boarding schools in Europe I guess?

Sorry if my opinion isn’t helpful because I am basically not in Europe…


I’m going to have students go home on the weekends, since with magic long distance travel is easily accessible, and I’m making the schools more in the vein of elite prep schools than the sole source of magical education for an entire country.

That and no houses. I was going to have them, since that’s a feature from normal British boarding schools, but I feel like the teachers of my school would be big on school unity instead of dividing it all up. And I’m setting it in the U.S. so random features from British boarding schools don’t really make sense.


I’m curios about if writing a genie story is good. I have some creative ideas so the powers can go beyond just the rules that genies have. Does this sound interesting by any chance?


as long as it feels comfy for you.

i had never planned about magic boarding schools in one of my going-to-edit books, since I was more focused on more important characters. the students are all like in high school, with one special character being like eight years old.


if a plot twist can work, why not?


Make them a mystical race who first tamed the dragons.

In my story dragon riders are extremely rare because there isn’t a point in riding a dragon around, so nobody really thought about riding dragons to war, until King Darrian of Alímar, who rode to battle astride a great dragon. Although at first it seemed stupid to do so, soon they learned how experienced mages on the backs of dragons can mean an extra turret and a force field. Still though, most dragons won’t tolerate riders unless if they’re friends and in need to fast travel.