Fantasy Writers Let's Talk (Version 54)


hi lovely people


Yeah. She said she’d look at mine when she was done with yours, so you’re right about the wait list.




hey there!






the thread was so active and suddenly it had to stop


well where were we?


Yeah, that it did. We’ll have to wait for someone to make a new thread.

You said pigeons poop a lot, and I agreed.


i have to bear 4 hours of maths
crying uncontrollably


Hey. How is everyone?




How are you? Writing? Edits for ARF?


wanting to write but war


Hi everyone. Just dropping by to say I’m still thinking about my adventure to fantasy land… :grin:


Yeah. I’m almost finished with edits for chapter 2. I told Jess I’m going to clone her. XD

Okay, feeling a bit better now that I’ve started treatment for my depression.



Hey Be.


That’s good. I’m ok. Worked a little on writing, and other than talking here, I’m organizing my closet since I unpacked everything from the trip. Reorganized my books too.


Hi Book. :grin:


I really need to fix my closet so I can add a desk or something. Yeah, my closet is really that big, but I prefer my bed.