Fantasy/YA Beta Reader Needed - Payment info included

Title: City on the Edge

Genre: Fantasy/YA

Synopsis: After a century long war, humans have won and magic is locked away. Veronica is a shifter without any shift. She does her best to keep away from the cruel eyes of the White Guard, but when a rebel group attacks a pair of humans being escorted through the Edge, she recklessly jumps in to save them.

Ronnie sets off a chain of events that she can’t pull free from, landing herself in the center of an oncoming war for magical freedom.

Payment- A permanent follow and a new writing buddy. :slight_smile: I’ll read and offer honest constructive critique on whatever work of yours you choose.

I’ll admit here and now, my chapters tend to run long. The book is complete at 95,000 words.

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I’ll do it! I’ll give feedback in the comments, then PM you with my over all feedback. I can’t start right this second, but I will when I have a free chance!

I’ll give it a go as well, though I can’t start this minute 95k words isn’t all that intimidating. I’ve got my own complete work up and that clocks in at around 140k words. So if that isn’t to much I think we can work something out!

I’ll do it.
Though no payment required.
I just wanna help out

Im interested if this is sstill open

Sure. Do you have a book you’d like me to read while you read mine? If fantasy isn’t quite your thing, I have two other current WIPs you can choose from. :slight_smile:

This one is fine! I love the description. I have three on my profile that you can choose from - it doesnt matter which for me <3

Alright then. :slight_smile: I’ll add you to my reading list.

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