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title: Moving Forward

author: missinglynn

no other text

genre: fantasy

story summary: After his daughter commits suicide, Ethan is thrust into a whirlwind of emotions and stress. Once learning how to cope with his severe depression and anxiety, he tries to turn over a new leaf by moving into a new house. He learns that the house has seven spirits living in it, Pride, Greed, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Wrath and Sloth. They all help Ethan continue to get back on his feet, Pride helps with self-confidence, Lust helps with getting laid, etc. All seven sins also work with Ethan to figure out why his daughter took her life.

mood: i want to display “moving on” and “sadness” in the cover.

no images

no specific colors

Cover 1:
Title: Acrimony
Author: Nichelle Diamond
Other Text: None
Genre: Romance
Story Summary: Despite being adopted at the age of 6, Jasmine Taylor has had a seemingly perfect life. After finding out her husband of two years has been cheating on her with her best friend, she loses it. She seeks revenge on him and her ex-best friend to show them just how wicked she can be. What happens when old problems arise for Jasmine. Will she be able to fight off her demons or will they conqueror her. They say revenge is a dish served…but Jasmine, she likes it hot.
Mood: Dark, Mysterious
Images(?): https://www.pinterest.com/pin/479774166537645012/?nic=1
Specific Colors: Purple, Black or Red

Cover 2:
Title: Loveless: The Rise of the Ice Queen
Author: Nichelle Diamond
Genre: Fantany, Romance
Story Summary: Alina Isabella is the rising Queen of Fairdra. She is a sweet but a stubborn woman. Secretly in with her best friend, she is pushed into a social season where she has to offer her hand to another. When old feelings and new revelation come out, will Alina make it to her throne or be crushed by mistakes of the past?
Mood: Icy

Specific Colors: Light colors like pink or blue

Payment will be done once accepted.

Declined. Shop hopping with automatically cause me to decline your offer as stated in my rules.

Accepted! I will have your cover to you in 2/3 days maximum! Just remember to fulfill payment or I can not give you your cover!

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I’ve started you’re cover. My only issue is that when trying to do the icy ambience/gradients, its hard to do with certain red hair. I do have a photo though of the girl you’re showing me that works better with the gradients. Would you mind this photo instead of the ones you suggested? 51d2153d5d2b0822a1efc9b9aeeac261

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That’s fine. Thank you.:heart::heart::heart:

I will get the payment done tonight.

Cover Forum Order
Title: Wicked Lunacy
Author: Lynn Bloom
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Story Summary: Silena discovers her legacy and connection to an old and dark coven that worships a moon goddess
Mood:Dark and sultry, mysterious and enchanting
Images: Moon // Faceclaim
Specific Colors: Very black and silver color theme, relating to the moon and “purity.” The faceclaim placed in front of the moon, eyes and the moon VERY glowey and silver, almost etheral
Inspiration: Layout/Overall // “Glow” // Color Inspiration


So I have two options for you that I worked on. I hope I captured what you were looking for. Please let me know if you’d like any changes or if you will be using them because if not I will use them for premades. Hope you like them!


Title: The Butcher Prince - Children of the Moon
Author: skyvonwall
Other Text: None
Genre: High Fantasy
Story Summary: Humans have been oppressed and sold into slavery for centuries, because of a lost war which makes the human Crown Prince want to “save” the world from the hybrids by genocide. His trusting and loyal friend, Mia, is there to help. The Crown Prince’s brother, Prince Milo, is believed to be conspiring to take the throne with help by the people. He destroys everything in his way and by laws he enforces people to choose between love and life. It’s a story with love, friendship and war involved. It’s not safe on any borders and lack of loyalty is constantly present in the chaotic world between humans and hybrids.
Mood: Dark, cold, scary.
Specific Colors: None

It does not necessary has to be that picture, but something similar then. As soon as you have notified me I will start with the payment.

Requesting soon enough, this is amazing!

Accepted! Only one question. Do you want any faces in it or just a background like that with editing and whatnot?

Accepted! I’m going to experiment with a few covers. Would you be okay with another picture of Phoebe or do you strictly want that picture?

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I think without faces, unless you have a very good idea about a cover that is.

If anything I’ll do one cover with a face and one without just in case I do have any ideas you might be interested in!

Yes, I would prefer that picture orrr this one!


I might have to decline then because the pictures you have chosen are heavily edited and make it pretty much impossible to tackle the color gradient you want unless you want her to look dead.

Oops sorry, I edited them to make her eyes more silver and her hair pitch black. How’s this one?