Fashion. What do you wear?


I don’t necessarily care what people online think of what I’m wearing but more so people in real life. I don’t really like attention yet all the same I still crave it.


You have “Pretty Girl Problems”, huh? :wink:


It’s gotta be something that will match with those cuffs. They seem a bit elegant. Maybe you can have a fantasy themed top to match the dragon wing ear cuffs. Combat boots could work depending on what bottoms or skirt you’d wear. Do you have anything that’s fantasy themed to match the ear cuffs?


‘Ey, yer the second person t’be flirtin’ with KristinJames in this same thread. Ya’ll need to back up a bit. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: This is a fashion thread! Not a flirtin’ one. Honestly she even expresses she constantly has trouble with guys doing this…and it’s said in this same thread! Give her some space, fellows.


It’s also incredibly snowy and icy out this week and my combat boots are the only shoes I have right now with good treads :sweat_smile:

Hmmm I may…


no pics since i dont take pics of my outfits. but i mostly wear hoodies and the same dark grey skinny jeans, ripped in both knees. i only have 2 pairs of shoes, some hightops and some weird slide on shoes so not much variety there. on days where i want to present masculine i wear a backwards snap back, with the same hoodie and the same jeans. i also wear those thick strapped tanktops with a sports bra when i want to show a little skin.

currently though, im wearing light pajama pants and a long sleeved shirt that ive been wearing around the house for like, a week straight. im nasty ik sksksk


No flirt intended!
My comment was “tongue-in-cheek”. If you check out my profile, you might understand the joke. :slight_smile:


I know how that is, some days I feel super masculine and other days I feel super feminine.

Oof, I love a good pair of PJs. :+1:


Well, I’m just a lil defensive, is all. :triumph:


Next time I say something, just imagine I’m gay and that should put it in the proper perspective.:stuck_out_tongue:


Imagine you’re gay? Are you? Anyway, sorry about that. :sweat_smile:


sometimes i wear my glasses upside down


I can’t help but think wearing glasses would be a problem considering you gotta go fast.


not when i have THESE




You know something funny? I could perfectly look like a character of my book due to the way I dress. In my book, the legally correct uniform for every citizen (Exceptions given for work-specifics) is a white shirt, a black tie and a black suit, and also a pin with the flag of the Authority (I would have to explain the book for it to make sense), which is EXACTLY how I like to go everywhere just because. Even with the pin, replacing it with a pin of the Chile flag though (Fortunaly the Authority doesn’t exist irl)
This did not influence the book if that’s what you thought, it made sense in the book universe to be that way, the fact I also go like that irl is just one of my weird things


That’s very interesting. I guess you enjoy a casual and uniform type of look?




My birthday is tomorrow and I’m struggling to throw the right outfit together! :rofl: Hopefully I can post it here when I’ve decided…


I’m super late to reply…:scream: I work two jobs and it’s been really hectic lately. That said, I managed to avoid working on my birthday and my friends threw me a party!

I wore all florals! Floral themed dress (the same long sleeved one I’ve already posted), with floral patterned netted leggings AND my floral boots. I suppose I was a flower for the day. To top it off…I went to the eye doctor and got myself a new prescription+frames! These frames are round, and I’m used to wearing square/rectangular shaped glasses. They seem to work with my face, I suppose, so I don’t dislike them. Might post a pic of 'em.

Anyone wore anything new or nice lately? How are your Decembers going? :kissing_heart:

(these were the leggings from my birthday party outfit :joy::sunglasses:)