Favorite foods and drinks (including pubs restaurants etc.)



What is everyone favorite food (from homemade to high end ) and drinks (including alcohol) you name it we want to know it and sharing pictures is allowed.

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Thai Red Curry, Fajitas (and anything else Latin American.)

And some types of fusion cuisine. Like Red Curry Burritos. Or Srirachi Green peppers. Spicier the better, but up to a certain point.

Aunt says I’m better off as a food critic than a chef, because I’m a super taster. When you used to smoke cigars, despite it being really easy to quit (at least in my case), when you have this burst of flavor again, you end up rebounding and gaining a bunch of weight.

So getting back down to 230 (when I had gotten to 240) is a milestone in miniature.


My favorite food is homemade ramen with fresh pork cutlets and fresh vegetables stir fry with chicken strips
And my favorite alcoholic drink is michelob ultra and I don’t have a favorite non alcoholic drink


Kind of boring, but pizza and pasta dishes will always be my favourites. Also, chocolate cake, chocolate ice cream — anything that has chocolate in it really. Favourite alcoholic drink is hard to pick, maybe a margarita, I like fruity cocktails. Favourite non-alcoholic is tea, though I’ve been enjoying iced coffee with flavoured syrups a lot lately.

All in all, there’s too much great food and the beautiful thing about it is, that you can pick from so many different things.


You never can’t go wrong with Pizza and Pasta


I love spicy food (Indian, Chinese) and anything my mom cooks. Her cooking is the best part of my vacation.

Favorite drink would be iced coffee.


I introduced my siblings to Bacon and Mushroom. Obviously wouldn’t be for you, if you have allergies related to the specified toppngs, or vegan.

(I wont judge, I want to try Vegan actually.)

I want to try Vegan, but I’m not sure how a Vegan would taste.


Side note, had to make a low carb burrito the other day: I had ran out of tortillas, so I ended up rolling my omulette into a burrito, adding cajun spice and fresh monzarella.


You sweet genius @SarahWeaver6


Liver. Sliced thin, then dipped in seasoned flour and fried. Serve with champ and a gravy made from the juices. Lovely.

I will never understand those who cook slabs of liver. Never.


And hopefully with not to much vinegar.


I love lamb. My dad makes this amazing lamb roast in the oven with thyme and rosemary. And of course, tons and tons of gravy.

And favourite drink is… Hm… I love a good frozen strawberry daiquiri. Dark and Stormy is good too. Or an Aperol Spritz. But I also love a good dark beer. Argh, too many to choose!


There are so many out there that it would be difficult to go over…
At times, I’m just craving some good cheese and bread. Funny how this can be considered one of the best ever food I had after having missing it for some times…

And it is the same for drink… so many out there that could be considered favourite… Bai Mudan/Fu Ding peony white is clearly at the top of the list, though…

In any case, I think, each important event in my life have a favourite food linked to them… and those are all different food :slight_smile:
So it remains quite difficult to single even a couple of them…


I don’t think there’d be enough meat on them :joy:

No allergies and no vegan here. I actually love bacon on pizza, in moderation of course. Food that’s too fatty doesn’t agree with me and I tend to get sick.

I’ve actually gone vegan once for three weeks as an experiment and found it difficult and,quite honestly, a little unfullfillung. I missed eating diary products even though I usually don’t consume them that much.


My favourite foods are a bit all over the map. I love falafels (as long as they come with some kind of pickled veggie and not too much cilantro), dosas (Chettinad paneer is a current fav), som tam (sweet and spicy papaya salad), Penang curry, pierogies, veggie gyros, greek salad, and there’s a French bakery that makes a nice apple brie sandwich on half a baguette (though sadly they’re often out of apples). As you can maybe tell I much prefer other people’s cooking to my own.

My favourite desserts are brownies, flourless chocolate torte, mango sticky rice and mostly anything with chocolate.


I’m rather partial to beef Wellington done rare and served with a mature Bordeaux, such as a 1996 Château Léoville Las Cases.


I’m with you on that, John, unless it is foie gras. Then I’ll take a thick slice and sear it fifteen or twenty seconds each side on a very hot cast iron griddle and serve with a youngish Yquem.


Yeah, I did the vegan gig in the early 1970s. She was very fulfilling, but her diet wasn’t, so we parted ways.


Yes! And I’ve poured a glass of the Fonseca 10-year tawny to assist it.


If you find a piece of hepatic vein in that, then it is a very bad day.