Favorite foods and drinks (including pubs restaurants etc.)



Mango chutney is good with so many things. I use it in curries. Not ‘on’ or ‘wtiht’, but ‘in’.


Excellent flavour. Good balance of spices. It has a slight afterburn but isn’t hot. I’m going to parboil chicken and finish it on the grill, with this chutney instead of BBQ sauce. I think it’ll be the bomb!

Next batch is going to be hot. I mean really, truly.


Posted these pix on another thread. I had leftover dashi (savoury broth) from making okonomiyaki (spicy griddlecakes) so I used it to poach salmon.

The dashi (kelp, fairy-ring mushrooms, soy sauce):

For the salmon (wild-caught sockeye), I added minced fresh ginger, soy sauce, brown mushrooms, and chopped scallions:

Served with rice and a ladle of broth:

Wine was Mud House central Otago pinot noir, from New Zealand.




Once you’ve made the dashi broth, the rest is easy.

I saved the dashi. Maybe use it to poach eggs.


Did a leftover and misc veg sweep of the refrigerator. Then I found soba noodles in the cupboard, and hatched a plan.

Cooked the soba noodles in the dashi, bubble, bubble. Shredded the last chunk of cabbage, chopped a wrinkled red bell pepper and some slightly wilted scallions, sliced mushrooms, and did a stir fry in sesame oil with chunks of turkey. When it was done, I plopped in the noodles and dashi—

So-o-o-o good!


Food is an inexhaustible topic for me. Therefore—

This is one of my favourite dishes, simple, easy, not much prep or cleanup. Savoury and fillng.

Cauliflower Polonaise.


Separate a head of cauliflower into florets, steam them until barley tender, them brown them in olive oil and butter. Add a mix of fine-chopped hardboiled eggs, Panko bread crumbs, salt, pepper, and cumin.

Toss and serve hot.


As far as food I’ve had out, I had some amazing rope vieja in Cuba and a restaurant near me makes incredible bibimbap.

Food I make, beef bulgogi is a favorite, and my chili and cornbread has gone over great with many.

Drinks, there’s a restaurant near me that makes great grasshoppers, and a martini bar that I like to frequent.


Never had ropa vieja or bibimbap, but I looked them up and they sound good. Likewise beef bulgogi, which I’ll have to try. Thanks!

I love chile dishes. Just made chiles rellenos tonight, with New Mexico green chile that I grill-roasted, cored, peeled, and froze last fall. I also love hot green chile stew with smoked pork, and green chile enchiladas. I try to be careful because rather few people like it as hot as I do.

A Korean friend taught me to make kimchee like her mom’s, with the vegs pounded in a crock with salt. The first time I tasted her kimchee, it was so hot I actually saw a flash of light. My first batch was hot and garlicky— no one else would touch it. Didn’t mind eating it by myself.


Hot green chile stew with smoked pork sounds amazing! I’m going to have to look up a recipe for that, unless you’d like to share yours! I love chiles rellenos, I haven’t tried making them myself yet, but it was one of my favorite dishes while down in Mexico.

I hope you like the beef bulgogi! :slight_smile:


Rellenos are a bit tricky, and also messy. But they’re so good, it’s worth the effort—

You can use canned whole chile. If you’re cooking for others, start with mild. Medium green chiles can be rather hot for those unused to it.

The green stew is easy: canned roast green chile, garlic, and onion (chopped), herbs (oregano, cilantro, bay leaf, etc.) If you aren’t up to grill-smoking a pork roast, go to a BBQ place and buy some plain smoked, pulled pork. Simmer for at least a couple hours. It can be thickened with masa harina (corn tortilla flour). Or save the last bits and crumbs from bags of tortilla chips in a plastic bag and use those to thicken it (cutting back on the salt).

Serve with grated cheese and chopped tomato for garnish, and warmed tortillas. A side of shredded lettuce or cabbage is also nice.


Looks so good! I will definitely have to try both of those, I love cooking and am always looking for new recipes to try. Thank you for sharing!

I love spice! Not sure where I got my taste for it since the rest of my family hates it haha.


The green chiles in my photo are a type known as Anaheim, grown in New Mexico. But there’s an amazing variety of chile peppers. I also love poblano chile, which is mild to medium hot, fatter, and a darker green, with more flavour than the Anaheim type.

It can be used fresh, chopped, in everything from stew to omelettes. It can also be roasted, cored, and peeled. Chiles Rellenos made with poblanos are delicious. Ripened red and dried (or smoked), they’re known as ancho chiles. f you want to give a complex flavour to a dish, without making it really hot, anchos are the ticket.

Here’s a rough guide:

No sure why I’m so keen on chile. But it verges on obsession.


Snowy day– good for breadmaking. Decided on a darkish sort with lots of seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, poppy, and millet. Instead of molasses and/or honey, I used barley malt syrup. Kneaded it to a nice springy texture.

Once it had risen a couple time, I slashed the top, brushed it with beaten egg white, and sprinkled it with millet. Here it is just before I shut the oven door.

Baked it at 375°F for about 45 minutes. Here it is cooling.

Nice structure, with a seedy subtle crunch.

Reckon it’ll make good toast.


Pizza is hands down my favourite take out food.

Eating out I always try to have something i’ve not had before. The last place I tried Kangaroo!

When it comes to food of my own design I get a bit carried away. My favourite thing to eat is breaded chicken nuggets with plain pasta and tomato ketchup!

When I’m not feeling as crazy pasta dishes are my go to.


My favourite is to lightly sauté sausage or pancetta (optional), whatever vegs are on hand (usually onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, etc.) while boiling a pot of pasta. Last, I either lay a bed of rocket (arugula), spinach, or kale, or chop it and add it and add it to the veg, cooking until it wilts. The pasta goes steaming into a dish, with sausage and veg on top, and then a scoop of homemade pesto.

The only constant parts are the pasta and the pesto.