Favorite foods and drinks (including pubs restaurants etc.)



Always fastidiously deveined.


I’m gonna be honest, that sounds slightly naughty, could just be my dirty mind again so who knows? :joy: :sweat_smile:


Deveining a foie gras is the first step in preparing it for the table. I far prefer to prepare mine as a torchon and enjoy it over many days rather than rushing to consume it fresh.


Lately I’m in love with Greek food, especially dolmades without the lemon egg sauce, and those awesome desserts like saragli and that shredded wheat baklava. Oh yes! And that fried cheese thing with lemon and brandy they set on fire. Opa! (ღ˘ᴗ˘ღ)


This makes me think I’m missing a good Châteauneuf du Pape… A long Time since I tasted a good one, and I’m somehow not able to find similar taste in all the import wines in my local Tesco…


That’s a glamorous Chiantti with fava beans.^ ^


I still need to cook, but I’ve been spacing out my meals throughout the day. I can take a full nine hours for me to completely devour a bean curry soup or … the omulette equivalent to a beans and cheese burrito.


Well I just made some soup, that tastes almost exactly like French Onion soup. Which I like, but I wasn’t expecting.

Normally I make thick bean stews like Indonesian Bean stew the Indian version. (When I make soup that is.)

It’s basically if you French Onion soup, left out the onions, replaced it with mushrooms, apple chicken sausage, rice and beans, cajun/creole, and “Dark Spice.”

Dark Spice – One cup Cumin, one tablespoon turmeric, tsp thai chilly powder, and two cups Coco powder.

I’m not sure why adding Cajun/Creole to Dark Spice made that flavor, but there you go.

Edit: It’s French Onion soup, but … a crap load hotter do to some Indian spices. And I like things very hot.

Oh and if you’re vegan or vegetarian, obviously take out the Fresh Mozzarella and replace with your desired fake sausage, or even go without.


And obviously, if you have food allergies, make those changes too. I happen to be lucky, and not have any food allergies.

But not everyone is so fortunate.


Mine goes with a chai tea late :slight_smile:


That sounds really good! I’ll have to try that this fall.


Feel free to make it better, I posted the whole thing, as people have different tastes and allergin needs.


Mh, not sure i have favourite food. Cooking, eating and enjoying a good wine with my food is a favourite past time. Love Mediterrenean or Indian best. But sometimes simple fare tops it all. Seasonal things, like the first fresh strawberries or asparagus of the year. Or “Green Sauce” a regional dish from Franfkurt even good old Goethe enjoyed. With eggs and fresh new potatoes. aaa


Oddbins might be a better choice? Or local wineshops. I loves wines from Languedoc Roussillon, we found a wineshop there and they ship. Joy!


Where I’m staying, sadly, Tesco is one of the main choice… That or Aeon… There shall be one or two specialty stores, but not many non halal shops in the area :slight_smile:


Ah that’s a shame. Would it work to try and find a decent shop and go there once in a while to stock up? That’s assuming you have the space of course.


The alternative is to put some bottles in my luggage when I visit back home sometimes :smiley:

One dish I really enjoy… near the top of my list: Pork Caramel! Goes well with a Pinot Noir… :slight_smile:


A favourite summer meal: fresh tomato soup, ripe honeydew melon, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella pearls with basil, and ciabatta. I served red wine, but a spicy white works, too.


Ditto on Indian and Mediterranean.

Made a soup the other day that’s basically an Indian take on French onion soup.


While it’s not my favourite, I found some Writers’ Tears copper pot whiskey in a shop last weekend.

Not bad.