Favorite foods and drinks (including pubs restaurants etc.)



Intrigued. Pork Caramel?


Soumds like baked beans, some American states just go for that.

Sort of like how a fine diner doesn’t want to admit they’re really serving baked beans, so they call uit “pork caramel.”


Burnt ends, by any other name, would taste just as good.


Raw cow


If minced finely, yes. Or maybe done ‘Pittsburgh-style’!


Preferably from the tenderloin and mixed with diced gherkins, capers and shallots and seasoned with mustard, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce, salt and freshly ground black pepper.


With an egg on top


Also raw, but the yolk only.


Today, I splurged and ate at a nice little Chinese buffet for about $8 (when you’re poor that counts as splurging because I could have gotten ramen for a quarter) and got my all-time favorite dish!

Some beef and broccoli served over a bed of rice! A little sweet and sour chicken on the side–simple, fairly cheap to most people, but tastes great.

Also helped myself to some of these little sweets at the buffet–and I have no idea what they are called but they are quite tasty.

When I’m at home cooking, I like to make beef stew and homemade chicken pot pies in a cupcake pan and lots of kinds of cookies. I’m a walking budget recipe book.


Writer’s Tears whiskey is a good drop. I’ve tasted only the standard variety, not the limited ($$$) bottlings. I think it comes from the same distillery as “The Irishman” brand.


I grew some Japanese Hakurei turnips and did some slicing (on a mandoline) and pickling.

Found dried kombu (kelp) at the local co-op and did one batch with that, fresh ginger, and red chile in rice vinegar, aji-mirin (sweet rice wine), sugar, and water. Also pickled the rest of the ginger. I love wee spicy bits of things!


Didn’t know they had burnt ends in England. I associate that with US smoked and pit roasted barbecue. They used to be cheap, but have become a delicacy.


It does indeed. But I’ve only come across it recently.


When we go to a carvery, I always ask for the bits at he end of the roast. And when I do a roast myself, there are fights in the house over who gets what.


At a wedding in Kansas City, a bunch of old, drunk guys got into a fight about which BBQ place had the best burnt ends. Felt like a really weird movie.


Now that brings back memories of when aunt in law would bring that to xmas dinner


Food: Any kind of pasta as long as there’s shrimp in it and preferably Cajun seasoning.
Cheesecake (NY Style, Oreo, Chocolate Chip, Salted Caramel.) I would eat cheesecake all the time if my body could combat it forever.

Drinks: Angry Fireball (angry orchard and cinnamon whiskey)
Anything with vodka.
Pina Coladas and Mimosas are pretty nice, too.
And Modelo when I want to go the malt route.
Blueberry/Strawberry Lemonade for non-alcohol.


Oh, I forgot to mention Chinese. It’s definitely up there, at least the American version of Chinese food.


Lamb roasts are where it’s at. With mint sauce as well as all the rest

And for drinks, it will always be tomato juice

I am sad that I can’t get either in my current location I:


I will send virtual lamb roasts your way! :sheep: :meat_on_bone: