Favorite foods and drinks (including pubs restaurants etc.)



Oh no, Canada. XD


It’s in Saint-Julien, next to the border with Pauillac. Among its better neighbours is Château Latour.


A culinary masterpiece. May I recommend a light port to pair? Or a late harvest red dessert wine?


C’est bien!


Aaah, hahaha. I always just assume it’s the US when I don’t know the city :joy: My bad!

@Nevervane I was actually considering either a cooled Irn-Bru or a room temperature nice glass of Buckfast. Just to top off the Scottish experience.


Actually I think the ultimate pairing would be a Cheeky Vimto, hear me out:

So a Cheeky Vimto is usually a WKD blue with two shots of cheap ruby port in it. Not only do you have the light red fruit flavours to compliment the chocolate you also have the inordinate amount of sugar in the WKD which matches the conceptual level of excess in a deep fried mars bar. Moreover, with Scotland having a high level of underage drinking and many British children starting their journey to alcoholism on alcopops like WKD you’ve got the nostalgia factor for both candy and pop.


It’s cheaper than anything else. Like $3 a day cheap for decent feeding x:


Oomph, that’s a solid one too - except it literally tastes like chemicals :joy:

Maybe a good Tennants? Or just go to the local distillery and get a bottle of whisky (look! No ‘e’ :wink: )

@Ickyrus Daaamn, that’s cheap. Good chicken here is usually really expensive :open_mouth:


Is it bad that I kind of want a WKD blue now? I’m meant to be a wine expert ffs…

And I’m proud of you, that ‘e’ will bring you nothing but pain and bourbon and Irish whiskey, which I suppose can be okay


Back home I can manage close to that with home cooked meals done in bulk, but ingredients are more expensive here than just buying premade stuff I:


Hahahha, nah. My guilty alcohol pleasure is this drink called “polar bear” - it’s basically just vodka with blue bolsj and some club soda. It’s what all the teenagers drink :joy:

No more ‘e’s’! Also, ew bourbon. I’m good with a nice 12 year, single malt, not too smokey whisky. The best I’ve tried is the Jura one, I think :smile:

@Ickyrus it’s such a trap here - ingredients are expensive, so buy premade - but the premade is not very healthy here :confused:


I’ve tried a few of the Juras, I’m not a massive fan but I can see why others would be. Auchentoshan Three Wood is where it’s at. Only triple distilled Scotch in existence as far as I know and it’s glorious


Oh, I’m definitely looking for that next time!

I think the most harsh I’ve tried was The Bruich Laddie. It’s a real lad’s lad whisky :joy:


My housemate likes that one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but she’s Scottish so she’s used to it. You’re making me want to pour myself a whisky now…it is after 5 after all


I was contemplating on a beer for dinner. I could defo go for a beer right about now :joy:

And it’s always after 17 somewhere in the world :wink:


Damn it Fray, look what you’ve done


Hahahaha, yaaas! I’ll have a drink for you on Saturday :smile:


It’s got to be whisky, thems the rules. (Bonus points for Auchentoshan)


I’ll see what the bar/restaurant has to offer :smile:


You forgot your first born child