Favorite foods and drinks (including pubs restaurants etc.)



Still learning. I’m at the stage where I’m trying to get the flavour right. I learnt the hard way - many hours at the sink scraping burnt rice from the pan - that you need a long, low heat to cook the rice properly. And more liquid than the recipe usually allows for.


I start it boiling, then turn the gas to the lowest notch. If your stove has hot spots, there are diffusers that sit on the burner plate and even the heat. Wild rice takes more cooking than the other types.


Simple twist of fate: I might be drinking wine on Waiheke Island rather soon. I’ll check out Man O’ War. I think the place I recall with the quonset is Obsidian.

My aunt is coming to stay in October, for the season of gold leaves. Nice here. So she can use my room and bath, and help Mum around the house.

My flight to EnZed is booked. I’m getting in touch with my school chums, surfing mates, and yachting pals and sketching out an itinerary.

Hard to express how happy I am right now.


I am overwhelmingly jealous! I hope you have a great time


Got more invitations for NZ than I can accept. One week until lift-off.

I looked at the prices for places to stay on Waiheke ($$$$) and decided to make it a day trip. I’m going to Russell, where there a couple nice wineries. Also to Whitianga, where there seems to be only one, Mercury Bay, with a ripping good chardonnay. (Gee, that rhymes.) But there are lots of beaches (one with hot springs).

Fun chatting with you. If there’s anything exceptional that ships overseas, I’ll give you a shout.


My mom makes the most fantastical roasted lamb with mediterrean herbs, and pilaf boiled in broth from its juices :heart_eyes_cat:

Apart from traditional dishes from my country, I love sushi and I’m very partial to a good Yorkshire pudding or Sunday roast :eyes:

Quite a fan of Sex On The Beach as my alcoholic drink of choice, whilst for my favourite non-alcoholic beverage, I could drink pomegranate juice by the gallons :wink:


Please do! I hope you have an amazing time, I’m only a little jealous.


Spent a week in Auckland staying with an old couple who took me and Mum under their wing. We used to cruise with Malcolm (Barbara doesn’t sail) and spent lots of time together.

I bought a couple bottles of Man O War syrah, 2016, intending to pop them into the cellar, but Malcom opened one straight away— it was very tight and underdeveloped. Shame to waste it, but he’s in hiis 90s, so longterm aging is not an option.

He opened a bottle of Maccone primitivo that he brought from Italy and it was stunningly good. I scouted the local shops, but they’d ever heard of it.

I’m staying with friends who are keen on chardonnay and pinot gris, which is a rising star among NZ wines. We had a bottle of Church Road McDonald that was oily and almost sweet: very unllke the brisk Oregon pinot gris that I favour.

Here on Whangarei Head in a beach cottage a couple more days, then off to Russell and the Bay of Islands where there are some good places to eat.


Ahhh I’m dying of jealousy. Sorry the Syrah wasn’t up to muster yet, the vintage I’ve tried was the 2013 I think and I don’t remember any issues so maybe if you have any bottles left it’ll develop over time.

I’m a big fan of some NZ Chardonnays but can’t say I’ve tried many NZ pinot gris. I actually haven’t explored many pinot gris at all, though I’m rather fond of a Nothern Slovenian one I was introduced to a few years ago.

I myself have just quit the sommelier business and I’m getting all sorts of nostalgic for the fantastic wines I’ve tried over the past few years. After a rough week or two at the restaurant (we didn’t get the Michelin star that we were sort of expecting) one of the other somms decided that we should go to a wine bar and treat ourselves so last night I was drinking a spectacular Cremant du Jura that had been dosaged with Vin Juane. It was heavenly. Ate truffled salami and lots and lots of cheese.

It was a good night.


Irish trashcan. Hellz yah. On the rare occasion i do get to escape my kids and hit the bar with or without hubby lol


Oh god I do like a good Irish Trashcan


Me too. When my husband offers to drive it’s my go-to. Our local bartender Emily can it at two cans per person. She knows the power it holds haha. I’m Irish/Scottish though so I like to believe I can handle it haha too bad an accent doesn’t come with it


Never heard of an Irish Trashcan– had to search it. Nothing Irish about it, except for excessive consumption on St.Patrick’s Day. I’m rather stodgy when it comes to spirits: I like malt with a dash of water and blend whisky with ice. Martinis. Gin & tonic. None of your tarty liquid hammers.


Heard that Omata Estate, near Russell NZ, was opening the kitchen for one day before their regular season, which starts the 16th. Did a tasting (pinot gris, chardonnay, rosé, merlot, and syrah– all grown on the property). All very good. The syrah was a 2015 and given some age will be spectacular.

image https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn%3AANd9GcTEvfUkXBlEAMLUDuBjZbgb66w5ny10rYoD_n6tahbaTy7GovGo

Ordered a smoked fish board (with paté, greens, cheese, olives, etc.) and since it wasn’t busy, charmed a couple of the servers to share. Bought a mixed half-case to gift the friends I’ll stay with for the rest of the trip.


Oh dear gods! I just looked it up as well.

No. Just no. I have too much respect for my body and alcohol to ever drink that. And I’ve drunk poitin and Orgasms/Moon Craters.


My favorite food is butternut squash soup. It’s made with apples, sweet onion, and butternut squash. It’s pretty basic, unless you make it with other things like carrots. I have other things I make it with, but that’s a secret (family recipe) :shushing_face:

I’m not a big pastry person, I don’t even really like a lot of them that much, but I do love baking them. My favorite to bake and eat are breads - favorite to bake is molasses brown bread.


Butternut squash soup is grand. When I roast a squash for dinner, we eat half and the leftover half goes for soup. I carmelise onions in butter, which gives it a nice, rich depth, then simmer it a while and use an immersion blender to make it creamy (without cream).


Can I brag about my country’s food? Because I love it so much. The cliché that the portuguese only eat sardines and drink red wine? Damn straight we do. Roasted on a cooker out in a summer evening, with a simple salad and some sangria, hmmm. And stuffed meat and cheese. I love cheese. Creamy, smelly cheese especially. And this, of course. It’s farinheira - stuffed pork, wheat flour and a lot of seasoning - with scrambled eggs. It tastes of heaven. As for drinks, I’m a beer person. But our beer has a lot of gas and has to be drunk freezing cold, otherwise it literally tastes of piss (and my god, you burp through the whole night).


You inspired me to pick up some NZ wine for some friends who came over earlier in the week! Ended up going with a 2013 Pegasus Bay Riesling from Waipara Valley. It’s one of my favourite more budget wines, the 2013 in particular is a really nice mixture minerality and acidity against an off-dry finish. I think it’ll be even more complex in maybe half a decade or so but it drinks well enough now to make everyone stop talking for a moment when they taste for the first time.


How can you boast about Portuguese cuisine and not touch on Port!