Favorite H and h Combination in Romance!

Hi there! I’m super new to Wattpad, I had an account when I was in high school but I can’t get onto it anymore, so I just started a new one. Anyway! I wanted to start writing romance novels on here, not only for fun, but for feedback and to see how I can improve.
A thing that always interests me in Romance is the different Heroes and Heroines (or H/H or h/h, no discrimination here) people chose to romance each other. I was wondering what sort of pairing you Romance writers like the best!
My all time favorite pairing is the jaded Hero who falls in love with a cheerful Heroine who makes him look at the world with fresh eyes. That always hits me right in the feels.
What about you guys?


Jaded hero and cheerful heroine is so rarely done right, but I swear when it is it is A++++++ good shit. Just wonderful, bless.

I’m a sucker for a super cheerful, boisterous, maybe even oblivious or air-headed character paired with a more serious, but very deeply loving, loyal, and protective partner. You can add a lot of variation to that base dynamic but it is my number one go-to in romance lol.

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Badass + badass. It’s perfect because it makes badass x2, and I love that. Otherwise, I love gentle tall + chaotic small, and enemies/rivals-to-lovers.


I love two people who are utter badasses in different but complimentary ways. I’m not a huge enemies-to-lovers fan unless the reason they’re enemies at the start is societal (and not just a personal dislike or hatred). I like instant-click-friendship, shared common interests, and camaraderie that slowly turns to something deeper.

I’m also a big fan of full-cast-ensemble stories (I read and write a lot of fantasy) in which the couple is part of a bigger team fighting TheForcesOfEvil (or whatever). Badass H/H teammates/partners who kick butt and take names with their squad at their side is my ABSOLUTE favorite.

I love the Broken X Broken pair bonding. Look at the chemistry! :wink:

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I like to write mine where the male thinks he’s the strong one but in the end she was carrying him all along.

I like the ray of sunshine and the super grumpy one.