Favorite H and h Combination in Romance!


Hi there! I’m super new to Wattpad, I had an account when I was in high school but I can’t get onto it anymore, so I just started a new one. Anyway! I wanted to start writing romance novels on here, not only for fun, but for feedback and to see how I can improve.
A thing that always interests me in Romance is the different Heroes and Heroines (or H/H or h/h, no discrimination here) people chose to romance each other. I was wondering what sort of pairing you Romance writers like the best!
My all time favorite pairing is the jaded Hero who falls in love with a cheerful Heroine who makes him look at the world with fresh eyes. That always hits me right in the feels.
What about you guys?

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Jaded hero and cheerful heroine is so rarely done right, but I swear when it is it is A++++++ good shit. Just wonderful, bless.

I’m a sucker for a super cheerful, boisterous, maybe even oblivious or air-headed character paired with a more serious, but very deeply loving, loyal, and protective partner. You can add a lot of variation to that base dynamic but it is my number one go-to in romance lol.

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Badass + badass. It’s perfect because it makes badass x2, and I love that. Otherwise, I love gentle tall + chaotic small, and enemies/rivals-to-lovers.