Favorite Line of Your Story?


Post your favorite line to your story that you think you just did an amazing job on here.

Mine: [from my story, monochromacy]
my hair and eyebrows are black tufts across my head, like curls poking out here and there as though i need reminding that nothing in my life can ever go smoothly.



It was the fear of losing something that meant so much to you.
It was the thought of never being able to feel what she made you feel all those times before.
It was the comprehension of knowing that the epicness of the past can never be repeated in the future… and you fall to your knees, knowing that you just let go of the only shred of happiness you felt in a long time.


Winter was dark and dragged colder for every hour that writhed past. If not by snow, the threes were rimmed in frost and curved by the wind.


Journey to Joseph

She stared at him flatly, her expression as smooth as the expensive silk tapestries her father sometimes sold to rich noblemen.


Even if he died, I knew I could survive, whether I wanted to or not. I was always going to be one.

Brother was one more. And one more is what made life truly worth living.


From ch 5 of Hungry Skies:


So many beautiful descriptions and deep quotes :open_mouth:

My quote is from Where Eggs Bleed Brimstone, when the narrator breaks the fourth wall by justifying the MC’s actions to the readers:

No matter what choice you make, you must agree that the solution with the least risks is to murder the man on the spot and devour him, to fill your stomach with his flesh and quench your thirst with his blood, to give you strength to leave this Hell.

I find that it sets the tone for the story. (Also, I do not necessarily endorse his opinion.)


The way I see it, we’re all just pawns in somebody else’s game, and the rules get made up along the way.


I couldn’t pick so here’s three:

Squidward rolls his eyes into the back of his head and mentally goes through all possible suicide methods he is this :ok_hand: close to carrying out, then appears at the door of Mr Krabs’ office moments later.

“Oh.” Eugene Crab’s fat blood-caked corpse lay collapsed on the cold floor of his office.

“Does this mean we get a day off?”



I have some readers commented on that part saying it’s beautifully written… So I think it’s my best line :grin:


This was already a topic, so this will just be a repost of mine.

"Odin…you can try to tear my life apart. You can try to confine me. You can even try to drive me to the depths of despair. Though I will continue to rise. That is just who I am. A person who is filled with nothing but selfish desires. That is what it means to have a soul. To accept those faults, and use those faults to reach out to everyone around you, and even further. Though no matter how much you try to silence me. It is pointless. You call me a monster, you take away my friends and family, you even try to condemn me. Though within me burns the hopes and dreams of everyone you have wronged. Odin, I doubt you have that kind of support! " she says with daring eyes upon him.

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Ruka didn’t reply. So much for big brave heroism. She had allowed her desperation to save Ava to get the better of her and had, for the first time in her life, fought dirty. Her honour was almost entirely in shreds by this point.

I think this is one of my favourite parts. For context, this character is from a warrior race which prizes strength and honour and she’s already been outcast for surviving a battle.


“Honey, relationships are not about getting leverage over one another so you don’t end up getting hurt”

From ‘The After Party


Y’all, can I just say I am loving some of these lines!

The Radix Nation

““So, super spy, tell me stuff” Ava says before spooning a massive amount of stew in her mouth. Akio rolls his eyes at her comment and Lok nearly chokes on a bite beside me in his sudden laughter.”

I love this because of when it happens, at a very tense time in their lives, it still shows how the presence of friends can lighten a situation. Its from one of my historical fiction mixed with scifi sort of book. I don’t leave the chapters I have written on it published without special permission because it is so unedited but its a book and series that I love.

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There’s some stories that I love every line, and some that I feel indifferent about every line.
One comic I made when I was really small falls into the earlier category, so…

“Sail somewhere where he won’t ever find us!” “I know of a place like that!” One day later….

I just don’t usually get the same classic quotes out of my stories nowadays.

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Does poetry count? I am making a narrative poem based on vikings. The context is that a group of explorers are exploring an abandoned dwarven mine for magical items. The leader of the group has a somewhat disproportionate reaction to finding out that the items in question are cursed:

Inside the cave were seven-league boots
Magical boots with iron power
Byleif tried on the enchanted boots
Magical curses then dropped from above
Useless were these kingly boots
Magical socks with wind were better
Byleif swore to hate all boots
Magical things are not often well to use

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All these hoes liking my story but none of them reading it
Cut fake bitches out of your life this year

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Aww Hell nothing like death and coffee to start your morning

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Comic relief in my aggressively war-like story:

“Oh you poor, poor child.” Skylar mumbled shaking her head. “I’d rather look fashionable than look like a piece of broccoli.” She said with a smirk as she ruffled his hair playfully."

I found it being my favorite, seeing as I have zero fashion sense. Skylar is basically my alter ego who knows how to look like a model. Meanwhile my boy Hoshi has the same ‘survival before fashion’ attitude of mine.


The beginning of A Gentleman’s Secret, basically a big hint to the final twist:

He’s the gentleman whom we all know, but his omnipresence still surprises us at times. He’s the gentleman whom we wish we can despise, because even the best of us ends up charmed by him.