Favorite Love Interests


Who are your favorite love interests on Wattpad? What makes them special?
Who’s the favorite that you’ve written and why?

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Actually I am pretty short on the romance fiction on my lists. Kindda weird, I know.

So, at the moment, Mys from @lesserknown1 book would be the most intriguing and all around alive Love Interest. They are full of mystery, and nothing titillates more than mystery imo.

From my own characters, well, I was always partial to Yu by the same reasons I created his character. He is sweet, earnest and doomed if he does, doomed if he does not type with self-depreciating humor. He also eats a lot so I always have fun writing him eat :slight_smile:


We match! Yu is my favorite of yours, too :slight_smile: Thanks for the shout-out! <3


Shin from Freedom’s Gate by @KR_Williams
Nothing compares to that absolute babe that he is. He’s just a really nice and good guy. We need more supportive nice guys in fiction.

I think the best love interest I’ve written is Che from Feral. He’s also, funnily enough, a nice supportive guy who just wants his boyfriend to feel good. Tells him he looks hot, when he doesn’t feel like it. Supports him with his mental health recovery. Is overall just a really stand-up guy.