Favorite Scenes


What are your favorite scenes in your book and why do they stand out so much to you? You don’t have to post an excerpt (but you could), just talk about them.

Also, what are some of your favorite scenes in other Wattpad books?


One of my favorites is after my two character’s are stuck in this affair rumor and he goes over to her place one night after having a crazy shitty day because of it. Her little brother also admits that he thought they were dating as well.

So the guy sits the girl down because he wants to talk it out, wondering if they really have been acting close enough to warrant the rumor spreading as far as it has. He decides that they should each ask the other three questions, so neither of them has to take all the embarrassment.

The chapter ends up completely rediculous and really sweet. They don’t get far into the questions game, but he admits how much he enjoys having her friendship, something he could have given up in order to tone down the rumor and near the end.

There was a chapter a while before this one where he had her make up a list of five things she wanted to do that summer and one of them was to have an absolute perfect kiss. She later asks for it to come from him, which he agrees to.

One of his questions in this game was why she chose him and it just kind of comes out that she has feelings for him. It gets pretty adorable because she tells him that she changed her mind and doesn’t want to kiss him anymore, but he tells her too damn bad. It’s still going to happen.

I just loved the mood of this scene It’s embarrassing and sweet and funny and charming and one of my favorite conversations between the two of them.


I usually don’t have favorite scenes in particular, but instead a paragraph here and there I’m very proud of or an exchange of dialogue. A character may have a rant or a social critique, or a tender declaration of love. Those are my favorite to write. Usually they’re parts that have little or nothing to do with the actual plot at all, but work toward character development. In one work, I very much loved working on a scene where two characters lose their virginity to each other. Same with a few other scenes that show a character’s descent into alcoholism and madness.

Though action and violence are exciting, those to me are the most difficult to write and the ones I hate to go back and edit the most. The prose always ends up being a lot more technical, and it’s a challenge to give it some life.


I have a character who is a heroin addict who relapses after two years being clean because his life spirals out of control, but he avoids using a needle at all costs. Until there is a scene where he learns a fact about a person he’s been looking for for five years, and it leaves him such a numb state he finally gives up and injects himself for the first time in years. I read a lot about heroin addiction and talked to social workers and stuff about the drug and did my best to like, be respectful of it, and in the end, it was one of my favourite scenes to write. In the story, the character does it because he wants to feel excited about the news (he finds out he has a kid he didn’t know about), he wants to feel happiness, but can’t, so he tries to get that rush from the drugs. And it’s a constant conflict between wanting to set himself straight now more than ever, because there’s a kid out there in the world who is responsible for, but at the same time, it’s the one moment in his life where he’s never wanted drugs more.


I love when character’s admit their feelings.

It was another one of my favorites when the guy admitted to his own feelings two chapters later. Readers were freakin eccatic because he’d hinted toward his feelings in the chapter before, but didn’t flat out say it, which was completely screwing with her head.

She began to pace in a small, lopsided circle as she took deep breaths in an effort to get herself under control. She only stopped when she finally became dizzy and looked at Tom in defeat. “What the hell did you mean when you said you stopped coming here for the coffee?”

Tom leaned against the stainless steel counter, scooting further down when his hand hit a substance that was formerly a muffin. “I meant that I come here to spend time with you.”

His face was unreadable, as was his tone, which normally piqued Ada’s interest. Now she just wanted to punch him in his unreadable, perfect face.

“But what does that mean?” She pleaded with him. Ada walked to him, her anger disappearing from her body the closer she got to him. “I need a zero bullshit answer from you if I’m going to survive the night.” Ada pressed her palm against his chest, keeping him in place while she looked up at him with desperate eyes. “Please?”

Tom let out a huff of air before he was willing to connect his eyes with hers. He stood there frozen, just staring at her; into her. She watched as he swallowed hard and raised himself off the counter to tower over her.

She was ready for him to bolt from the room, but he didn’t this time; only stared at her for what felt like decades before she felt his arm snake around her waist and pull her against his body. While one hand encased her against him, the other moved up to her cheek before the tips of his fingers trailed across her jawline, then brushed against her bottom lip.

The dizzy feeling returned, only this time completely unrelenting as Ada’s head swayed at his every touch. She probably would have fallen right over if he let her go.

When his fingers moved to tip up her chin, the doors to the kitchen flew open. “I need a-”

Ada didn’t’ realize her eyes were closed until they shot open in the direction of the interruption.

Britt looked like a deer caught in headlights. She turned to leave the room, then turned back before muttering out the words, “I don’t know how to make any of these drinks.”

“We’ll be out in a second,” Tom told her before a very sheepish Britt left the room. He turned his attention back to Ada. “I’ll work the register and you make the drinks.”

Ada stumbled when his arm left her and had to grab onto the steel countertop behind her to regain her balance. “Okay.”

“Okay,” Tom repeated before heading toward the doors. He stopped before opening them. “My zero bullshit answer is that I’m crazy about you.”


Love it. And love that ending line. The build up is perfect.


It’s my favorite one line piece of dialog in the whole book, I think.


i love the scenes where the main characters first met especially if it’s not the usual ‘bump into each meeting’. <3


One of my favorite scenes to date is in a one-shot, the mini “climax” where the two main characters confront each other. She’s an outcast artist, he’s the hot basketball player but secretly loves to draw and is jealous of her skills. But she’s all timid/socially awkward, avoiding his eyes and it’s bothering the guy, he has sort of a weird insecurity of people being afraid to look at him, and finally he gets annoyed and tells her, “Look at me”.

idk, I just…when I first wrote the scene, I was so into it. I’ve edited and re-read the scene enough now where I’m desensitized to it, but my creative writing prof wrote a note “good scene” at the bottom of the page when I turned it in - and she was picky AF - so that felt good.


I haven’t written my favorite scene yet, but it’s going to involve the MC realizing that the antagonist plays a vitally important role in the preservation of their world and that, in spite of all the evil shit he’s done, he actually has some compelling reasons for doing it.

I love it because it throws the MC into a moral crisis, finding herself torn between her wish for personal freedom and happiness and her responsibility towards the world she lives in.